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Pieni Ursa #1358


Although only recently discovered, the pieni ursa is one of the most common creatures in the world. The ursas barely reach three centimeters when standing tall, but despite their small size, they are said to survive anything. They live anywhere from the cold Arkene lakes to the lava pools of Voltar. These hardy creatures can withstand even the harshest conditions. Those who observed these creatures have reached the same conclusions: no diseases can affect the ursas, they are immune to extreme temperatures, and they can survive even if dipped in acid. It was noted that the ursa's power over water is what keeps it safe from all harm. The ursa's body is covered in a thin layer of impenetrable water, giving the creature a kind of durability that no other being has. Not only this, but the ursa never sinks, as the thin layer of water allows it to walk on any kind of liquid.


This egg is so small it can only be seen with special magnifying lenses.


It is impossible to see the pieni ursa hatchings without help. As they are the tiniest of hatchlings, no one can tell how they act in the wild. A hatchling that has reached two millimeters in height is considered a big one. Only only those kept in safe enclosures can be observed with the help of magnifying lenses. They live in humid environments, where they slowly crawl on water for an indefinite time. They seemingly eat organisms that are smaller than them. However, no one could determine if they prefer certain organisms or if they feed on whatever is available. Probably the strangest thing about the ursa hatchlings is how they grow. While their bodies grow, their coat doesn't. Hatchlings shed their fur several times a week in order to reach maturity. Luckily, as soon as they start shedding, their bodies automatically recover the water layer that makes their bodies invulnerable.


Now that they reach their full height, the pieni ursas look adorable. Covered in thick fur, they are distinctively different - the females' coats are lighter than the males'. The pieni ursa adults are friendly, occupying themselves with caring for their young or mingling with other creatures that share their size. Although they no longer grow, the ursa adults still shed their coats from time to time. Whenever two ursas mate, they lay their eggs in the shredded fur. The indestructible coat protects the egg, and at the same time, it allows the growing hatchling to absorb the needed nutrients through the eggshell. The ursas never mate for life. They have plenty of partners to lay eggs with, and they are more interested in socializing with others of their kind than remaining attached to a single ursa.


Obtained from: Donation (Oct)
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 20000 gold
Release date: October 15th 2022

Element: Water An icon depicting the element Water

Breeds with the following:
Pieni Ursa + Pieni Ursa = Pieni Ursa Cost: 3 shards

October 2022 Midmonth Donation Pet

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real

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