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Lilias Crystalwing #1116


Lilias crystalwings are beautiful creatures, and are always seen with their petal wings spread, soaking up the sun. They require no food as adults, and will happily live on just sunlight and water. Unlike many other species of crystalwings, Lilia prefer to swim rather than fly, and the speckles on their wings help them hide in the shimmering waters. They care deeply for their young, and will spend much time helping them learn to hunt for tadpoles in the tropical lakes and ponds they commonly dwell in. Rarely, these creatures will fly as a group to scout out a new location, perhaps seeking a safe place to raise their young together.


This egg has speckled feathers.


Lilias hatchlings are dull compared to their parents, the petals on their wings and bodies mere buds that do little to help them get nourishment from the sun. As hatchlings, they cannot fly either. Instead they must learn to dive and hunt underwater. They can eat kelp and reeds, but prefer tadpoles or other small water-dwelling creatures for more energy. When not hunting beneath the waves, they like to sit in the sun as well, as though waiting for the day their petals will grow.


With no need for nourishment except the sun and water, lilias crystalwings are commonly taken as companions on long journeys. Not only do they not need food themselves, but they can spread this ability to their magi, resulting in a sharply reduced need for food. At night, they fold their wings and sleep curled against their magi, the sweet scent of their speckled wings soothing. Of course, as a result of their need for sunlight, they will not follow their magi on long journeys into caves. They are best when traveling in tropical regions, as they will get all the sun they need and can help their magi find fish to eat in tropical waters. When not traveling, they are content to soak up the sun and spend their time relaxing, with the occasional dip into a nearby body of water.


Obtained from: Event, Magiversary, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: May 10th 2020

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Lilias Crystalwing + Lilias Crystalwing = Lilias Crystalwing (Normal)
Rewin Dragon + Lilias Crystalwing = Lilias Pygmy Gemdragon (Normal)
Rewin Ancient + Lilias Crystalwing = Lilias Pygmy Gemdragon (Normal)
Lilias Crystalwing + Lilias Pygmy Gemdragon = Lilias Pygmy Crystalwing (Normal)

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: Raneth

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