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Aestus Spicalx #965


Spicalx are shy, docile creatures rarely seen by humans despite their size. Their tough hides are made of rock, allowing them to camouflage in many environments if they stand still. All spicalx are herbivores, feeding on soft plants that grow near their preferred habitat. They have slow metabolisms and need to eat little for creatures their size, and can go for long periods without food or water. They can carry up to three people comfortably and haul tremendous loads, though they're uncommon pack animals. Their rarity in the wild and their leisurely pace tends to make more common horses or oxen preferred for long-distance transport, but spicalx are occasionally seen helping their human companions in rural towns near the creatures' native habitats. Although gentle most of the time, if threatened, spicalx can run surprisingly fast and make good use of their sharp horns.


This clump of coral is carved into the shape of an egg. Water seeps from pores in its surface, and you can occasionally find small snails hiding in them.


A young spicalx is a rare thing to see in the wild, as they spend most of the day hiding. Their mothers watch over them, occasionally bringing them choice ferns and other favored plants from their forage. The youngsters are more active than the adults, quickly learning how to charge into anything nearby to make it wobble or collapse. They enjoy play-fighting with one another -- a harmless endeavor, as the juveniles lack the horns or size necessary to cause much damage. As they grow older and strike out on their own, though, the skills they've learned as juveniles become vital to their survival. There are only a few creatures that would think to eat a creature made of rock, but those few predators are wily and fierce.


There are several varieties of spicalx, all of them fairly rare and elusive. Adventurous aestus spicalx are found exploring coastlines, particularly where tide pools form, and can occasionally be found on islands near the shore as well. Being made of stone, they can walk across the ocean floor with ease, though they are notably incapable of swimming. Aestus spicalx show considerable curiosity toward the rest of the world, especially ocean life. They will gladly let crabs, barnacles, snails, chitons, and other sea creatures cling to their bodies, and unique species of invertebrates have been found living exclusively on the backs of these curious creatures. They take care to cultivate their odd body gardens, and so will rarely be found a great distance from the ocean.


Obtained from: Shop, Water Shop: 6000 gold
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: February 3rd 2019

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Aestus Spicalx + Aestus Spicalx = Aestus Spicalx
Alius Spicalx + Aestus Spicalx = Alius Spicalx
Alius Spicalx + Aestus Spicalx = Aestus Spicalx
Aestus Spicalx + Aevum Spicalx = Aestus Spicalx
Aestus Spicalx + Aevum Spicalx = Aevum Spicalx

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: PKGriffin

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