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Solveir #962


Veir dragons are more often seen in the air rather than on the ground, where they are clumsy and slow. Solveir, brightly colored with gold and silver accents, live on the western side of the range, where hunting is plentiful in the Silva forest. Nollveir, darkly colored except for their wings, live much higher in the range and on the eastern side. Nollveir and solveir have been involved in a bitter war against each other for at least several centuries, the nollveir being driven by jealousy and a desire for the better hunting grounds of Silva and the solveir by the desire for dominion of the entire Alasre range. Those raised by humans cannot seem to shake this seemingly innate hatred, and solveir and nollveir cannot be kept near each other even in the Keep.


Some feathers are poking through cracks in this egg's shell.


Solveir hatchlings are often left to their own devices, although this has resulted in multiple accidents where small sections of Silva forest have been set alight.


A solveir dragon is only considered a true adult by the elders of their clan when they have mastered fire magic, a process that takes about five years. Fire magic affords a solveir not just a means of attack and defense, but an easy way to begin a forge. Dragoncrafted jewelry is among the best, according to the elite of Synara. Solveir also forge their own armor for defense in battle. Although skilled at keeping opponents at bay with a spray of firebreath, solveir are vain and unused to physical combat, a weakness readily exploited by nollveir at any opportunity.


Obtained from: Donation, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 20000 gold
Release date: February 1st 2019

Element: Fire An icon depicting the element Fire

Breeds with the following:
Solveir + Solveir = Solveir Cost: 3 shards
Solveir + Nollveir = Solveir Cost: 3 shards
Solveir + Nollveir = Nollveir Cost: 3 shards

February 2019 3-shard Donation Pet

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: Tekla

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