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Ankh Parabuthid #700


Parabuthids are venerated inhabitants of the Etain Desert, though it is rare to come across one these days. The ancient civilizations of the desert raised scorpion hatchlings in the safety of special temples and milked their venom for use in life-giving potions. The toxin of ankh parabuthids was especially prized, given the name of "ichor ambrosia" in old inscriptions, and widely reputed to be a key ingredient in the fabled elixir of life. The venom of both species of parabuthid can be used in a variety of ways, and though the wadjet parabuthids are generally considered weaker than the ankh, they are still revered as symbols of protection and good luck.


The patterns on this egg resemble an ancient symbol for life.


An ankh parabuthid hatches like many other scorpions, in a communal nest watched over by an attentive mother. As soon as they hatch, the mother scorpion offers the young their first meal, usually a small deer or rabbit, and places them atop her back. The young grow slowly, and will ride with their mother for years, even decades on occasion, as she wanders the desert in search of food. The young grow at different rates, and if the larger hatchlings grow hungry, they may begin to compete with their siblings. Smaller scorpions will often drop off of their mother's back before any of the others to avoid such confrontations, and because their smaller size reduces their food requirements. As desert animals, parabuthids can go for weeks without food or water.


Ankh parabuthids grow slowly through their whole lives, which can be long indeed. Most of the oldest parabuthids known today are the size of large dogs, though old Voltaran stories talk about scorpions the size of horses, capable of being ridden if one takes care to avoid their stinging telson. The magi who work with them consider ankh parabuthids among the longest-lived arthropods, easily able to live a hundred years or more. This longevity was well-known to the ancient Etainians, who used their venom in fertility potions, energy tonics, and cures for many diseases. While many of these ancient recipes have been recovered, and the venom of ankh parabuthids is still considered a versatile ingredient by Keep alchemists, the recipe for that most famous potion containing the venom, the elixir of life, still evades the most persistent magi. Despite the use of parabuthid venom in life-giving potions, the raw venom is extremely toxic and stings from these scorpions, rare though they are, can be fatal.


Obtained from: Stream (common) Tributary: Etain Desert
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: September 7th 2016

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Ankh Parabuthid + Ankh Parabuthid = Ankh Parabuthid (Normal)
Ankh Parabuthid + Wadjet Parabuthid = Ankh Parabuthid (Hard)
Ankh Parabuthid + Wadjet Parabuthid = Wadjet Parabuthid (Hard)

Sprite art: Jrap17 | Description: PKGriffin

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