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Constellation Hind #645


Constellation hinds are surprisingly quiet despite their size, able to move across even a hard frost with delicate ease, or vanish into the snowfall on a breath of wind. These beautiful creatures are rarely seen, as they appear only during the winter months when storms blanket the land with snow. They are as shy as their painted cousins, but magi who are lucky enough to befriend one gain a companion that is swift and strong enough to ride - if a little wild. Hinds aren't limited to the ground and can easily run through the sky, and while constellation hinds may seem a little plain during the day, at night they reflect the stars in the sky.


This dark egg is dotted with tiny stars.


Constellation hind hatchlings may look like they're all legs, but they're very solid babies and their sharp hooves can easily damage carpet and wood flooring. Although shy, when a hind hatchling feels playful, it can tear around at great speeds - both over ground and through the air. Unlike their painted cousins, constellation hatchlings are able to use their magic - the ability to breathe ice and to disappear into snowstorms - at a young age, but they still leave to start their own families once they're fully grown. Constellation hinds can never be kept in captivity and will always remain a little wild but can be great friends to those few they trust.


As an adult, the constellation hind is a truly impressive creature, large enough to carry an adult magi and baggage, though they don't often consent to. Although shy, adult hinds are very capable of defending themselves, both physically and with snow magic. Given the chance constellation hinds would rather flee danger, but they are capable of using their icy breath against enemies who get too close. Hinds aren't very affectionate creatures but they can be kind to those they find worthy of respect, and they raise their hatchlings with care. During snowy nights, magi may be lucky enough to spot constellation hinds racing through the sky, their coats lit by stars.


Obtained from: Shop, Trading Post: 3550 gold
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: January 9th 2016

Element: Water/Fire An icon depicting the element WaterAn icon depicting the element Fire

Breeds with the following:
Constellation Hind + Constellation Hind = Constellation Hind
Constellation Hind + Painted Hind = Constellation Hind

Breeding with a Painted Hind will only ever result in a Constellation Hind offspring.

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: Sochitelya

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