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Foenaran Nimbii #562


In Foenara, clouds over the grass forest may not be clouds at all, but the foenaran nimbii, a creature borne of water vapor and ancient magic. The details of their initial discovery, or perhaps creation, are lost in the mists of history, and much about their life cycle is unknown. It is equally uncertain why their eggs can only be found nestled in the long grass of Foenara. While the eggs of normal foenaran nimbii are not as valued as that of the king foenaran nimbii, Foenaran citizens are encouraged to find and hatch these eggs at all times. Despite people continuously hatching the eggs, the skies of Foenara do not get overrun with clouds. Some magi think these creatures have short lifespans, the creatures dissipating into mist as the years go on, while others think they travel, floating all around the world. Some magi even believe that every cloud in the world was once a nimbii, and they believe that the nimbii, born from the earliest volcanoes at the dawning of the world, are responsible for keeping the atmosphere of the world in place.


This smooth gray egg has tufts of cloud around it.


At first, when your egg hatched it appeared to be empty. It was only when you looked closely that you noticed the the small creature formed of cloying condensation, its body transparent and constantly moving in a near hypnotic way. Typically, foenaran nimbii hatchlings haven't quite decided on what form they wish to take, and will oscillate between different forms as they decide. Hatchlings do not need food, but will grow more and more transparent if the air grows dry, and they lack the ability or knowledge to find areas with more humidity. Magi should take care not to let their hatchling float too close to an open flame, and it is advised they not travel with them through dry desert areas.


Upon reaching adulthood, foenaran nimbii can soar higher than any other creature in existence, spreading their cloud-like bodies over vast amounts of space. They can condense themselves into near-solid forms to be close to their magi if they wish, and their ability to control the weather and bring clouds into existence, or fetch clouds from far away, make them valuable and feared all at once. Some magi claim it is dangerous to allow them to use their abilities, as they may change the weather for the worse in unknown locations. Histories suggest these creatures were used as spies during the mage wars, as many old parchments and papers declare how important it is that secret meetings be held under a clear blue sky.


Obtained from: Quest, Grass Forest
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: January 25th 2015

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

The creature is obtained by completing the quest labeled "Search the Grass Forest" in the Grass Forest.

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: Raneth

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