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Corax Raven #542


Originating from the Silva Forest, murders of these dark birds are quite common. Yatagarasu and coraxes avoid one another, even going so far as to inhabit different regions of the forest, with yatagarasu almost exclusively living in the deeper interior of the forest. Coraxes are the more common and more widespread, having been seen everywhere from the far southern jungles and deserts to further north than Synara City. They are diurnal and not picky; being scavengers, they are skilled at both finding and eating nearly anything. These green birds are also commonly seen at sites where tragedy has recently occurred, leading to beliefs that they are harbingers of doom. More crepuscular than coraxes, the larger and blue-plumaged yatagarasu have long been regarded as wise, guiding figures. A curious number of old tales seem to imply that they can even tell the future. Yatagarasu are often finicky eaters, selecting the finest foods to eat; companions of magi are known to be notoriously picky. As a result they are less widespread, preferring to remain in or near cities or in their native home in the Silva Forest.


This green egg is resting in a skull.


Although their fluffy down feathers make them seem harmless, these hatchlings are still equipped with powerful beaks and will not hesitate to bite and peck at potential threats. They will also hurt each other, so magi must be careful to separate the chicks. Green-feathered corax hatchlings are loud, calling multiple times for food throughout the day, whereas the blue yatagarasu hatchlings are much quieter and prefer spending more time dozing and observing their surroundings. Shiny things and bones will mesmerize both for hours, so many magi who care for these birds will carry some of those objects with them to appease their companion.


Most magi avoid coraxes. They are peculiar birds with a penchant for bones, often found perching on skulls. Coraxes will sit for hours and simply observe their surroundings with intelligent, sharp eyes, unnerving magi not used to seeing them. Although very loud and obnoxious as a hatchling, an adult corax is largely silent, only cawing when it needs its magi or as an alert to other coraxes. They congregate in large murders that roam far and wide, and seem to have no qualms about spending days away from their magi at a time. Coraxes tend to get into fights and many often end up with tattered and broken feathers until their next molt, although this doesn't seem to impede their flight or bother them very much.


Obtained from: Stream (uncommon) Tributary: Mountain Pass Junction
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: November 10th 2014

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Corax Raven + Corax Raven = Corax Raven
Corax Raven + Yatagarasu Raven = Os Raven

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: Tekla

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