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Radiant Nautilus #1391


It is well known that if a magi wishes to explore shallow waters, there is no better companion than a koi. However, if a magi has reason to delve deeper, a radiant nautilus becomes the ideal choice for a time. They too have the power of letting their magi breathe underwater while nearby, though their general reluctance to ever be less than several hundred feet from the surface means getting to them in the first place often requires assistance from a koi. While radiant nautili cannot reach the truly abyssal depths of the ocean, having a nautilus companion assist in a dive helps a magi conserve quite a bit of magic during their explorations. They are also pleasant to be around deep underwater due to their other notable power, which is their ability to exude a strange light that it seems only magical beings can see. Exploring magi find it a welcome respite from the general darkness of the deep ocean, and more than one magi who has overextended themself has been guided back to safety by a radiant nautilus using itself as a beacon.


This strangely shaped egg glows when you place it underwater.


Radiant nautilus eggs will only hatch underwater, and hatchlings must be taken to Lake Lakira or the sea shortly after hatching if they are not already there, as they quickly overheat in shallow waters during the day. Radiant nautilus hatchlings grow very quickly, from fitting within a magi’s palm upon first hatching, to the width of an average magi’s torso, within a month, growing a new chamber in their shell seemingly every day. They spend most of their time playing with the smallest kraken and leviathan hatchlings in the depths, though they will briefly approach the surface to greet their magi. It is generally recommended for anyone raising a radiant nautilus hatchling to also have a koi companion, so as to more easily visit their hatchling underwater. Despite their initial rapid growth, radiant nautili take a long time to fully mature, and will go through several sets of kraken and leviathan playmates before it too finally reaches adulthood.


Upon reaching adulthood, radiant nautili leave Lake Lakira for the ocean and usually never return, preferring to take up residence on the deep edge of the reefs by the Callisto Islands. By this time, the diameter of their shell is usually half the height of an average magi, though some have been known to grow much larger. Despite their size, radiant nautili generally do not hunt, preferring instead to scavenge their food, and so a magi seeking one’s assistance usually needs only to bring tasty scraps to secure its help. Adult radiant nautili never surface unless their magi is in dire need, making them seem rather aloof, but will often help magi even without being offered food in exchange, and so are usually well-liked by those with an affinity for water.


Obtained from: Donation (Mar)
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: March 15th 2023

Element: Light/Air An icon depicting the element LightAn icon depicting the element Air

Breeds with the following:
Radiant Nautilus + Radiant Nautilus = Radiant Nautilus (Guaranteed) Cost: 3 shards

March 2023 Midmonth Donation Pet

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Kestrad

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