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Farfalla Crested Psittarx Dragon #1330


Closely related to the psittarx dragons that live in the jungle of Raza, the crested psittarx dragons can be found only in the Ixan jungle. They are slightly bigger and more ferocious, adapted to the dangers found only in the Ixan area. The main thing that differentiates them from their cousins is the head crest. They live in nests high above the ground, near the top of the tallest trees. Their loud screeches can be heard from miles away, often mistaken with the sounds baby dragons make. Some argue that these creatures resemble the psittarx more than dragons as their bodies are covered in fine hair-like feathers. However, they are indeed dragons, and they share the love for hoarding things with their draconic relatives. Be them fruits of different sizes and shapes or carcasses of previous meals, the crested psittarx dragons will hoard them feverishly. When not gathering things for their ever-growing collections, the crested psittarx dragons will spend their time playing with their kin or racing each other to the top of the tallest trees. Their sharps talons and nimble fingers make them agile climbers. Although tough-looking and fierce, the crested psittarx dragons are quite sensitive. They share an unbreakable bond with nature and can sense any changes. An ill-looking crested psittarx dragon is a sign of dying nature in the near vicinity. On the other hand, a happy crested psittarx dragon indicates a thriving environment in all aspects.


A colorful feather is stuck on this egg's shell.


In the first few days of their lives, the crested psittarx dragon hatchlings can be mistaken for featherless chicks. They resemble a bird chick more than a baby dragon and even their parents treat them as such. They are fed small insects and worms, and in return they squeak and flap their featherless wings in excitement. As the crested psittarx dragon hatchlings grow, so do their fine feathers. It is no surprise when a hatchling doesn't resemble its parents at all. Many of these dragons have a different colored coat and those that do end up with the same coloration as their parents are considered runts. Fortunately for these hatchlings, their parents accept them as they are. Unable to fly just yet, these hatchlings will humor themselves by flinging from one tree branch to another or by climbing up and down a tree trunk, leaving terrible scratch marks. They do not appear to be as affected as their parents are by nature around them so the crested psittarx dragon hatchlings will always act like goofballs, chasing small rodents on the forest floor or sometimes their own tails.


When the crested psittarx dragons reach adulthood, they are no bigger than a fox. With sharp talons and teeth, these small dragons can eat anything from tough-skinned fruits and insects to fleshy animals. Although they appear to have a sweet tooth most of the time and prefer the most delicious fruits the Razan jungle has to offer, the crested psittarx dragons like to entertain themselves with a good hunt. Those that live in the outskirts of the jungle, closer to the Ixan beaches, are prone to a complete meat diet. An interesting fact about these adults is that they need little water to survive. They can go on for days without drinking any. Even if living deep in the jungle, the crested psittarx dragons sometimes forget to drink water, more concerned about playing or tending to their young. Unlike their draconic relatives, the crested psittarx dragons' mating period is influenced by the seasons. Intensive breeding caused by the nature around them has led to a variety of spotted colors, something not seen in the razan psittarx dragons. The bond with nature dictates their need to produce offspring. In seasons when nature around them is the healthiest, these little dragons can be so prolific they become a pest. Luckily, the rainy seasons make these creatures less active. As the humidity settles in, their numbers cease to increase.


Obtained from: Breeding
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: June 15th 2022

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Farfalla Crested Psittarx Dragon + Farfalla Crested Psittarx Dragon = Farfalla Crested Psittarx Dragon

Obtained by breeding any of the following pairs:
Lapis Crested Psittarx Dragon and Lapis Crested Psittarx Dragon
Levante Crested Psittarx Dragon and Levante Crested Psittarx Dragon
Lapis Crested Psittarx Dragon and Levante Crested Psittarx Dragon

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real

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