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Aresian Hellenic Pegasus #1317


Aresian hellenic pegasi are seen as the embodiment of sheer brutality and bloodlust. As they are said to bring violence and war, their presence is usually considered bad luck. With an untamed personality, the aresian hellenic pegasi are approached by few. Those who dare to do so are considered either heroes or complete lunatics. The bravest of warriors are sent to the wilds to approach these creatures in hopes of gaining their favors in future battles. The aresian hellenic pegasi require different tasks to be fulfilled, from small sacrifices to complex strategic mind games. Favors are granted based on the results. These favors range from tactical ideas to accompanying the warriors in battle. Wars are rarely lost when aresian hellenic pegasi fight alongside warriors, yet inexperienced foals can make mistakes. If the opponents have a aresian hellenic pegasus on their side as well, the battle can stretch for years as the pegasi will try to outsmart each other constantly.


This red egg gives you the feeling of a battle being fought nearby.


Although cute, aresian hellenic pegasus hatchlings are to be avoided. Unlike other hatchlings that require care, it is best to leave these foals alone. They are rather violent, always seeking to destroy something. As soon as they can walk and feed on their own, the foals are abandoned by their parents. They have no need for love or attention, their focus being elsewhere. Their cunning develops as they grow, making them master strategists in the battles to come. Although most people prefer to keep their distance from these foals, some magis like to observe them. Many consider the destruction the aresian hellenic foals leave in their path a site of knowledge, claiming much can be learned from the way these creatures act. Even if they are aware of the human presence, the hatchlings have little interest in approaching anyone. On the rare occasions they do, it is to participate in already started fights, enjoying the chaos.


Adult aresian hellenic pegasi are calmer than legends lead one to believe. Although they appear to enjoy the destruction war brings, the adults rarely take part in the violence itself. They are solitary creatures, mating once every few years. The courting process is rather complex, involving the male aresian hellenic pegasus destroying a small bush as a way of impressing the female. As soon as the female gives birth the male leaves, ready for another period of solitary life. The females care for their foals for a short period, as they do not have the patience to tend to their young. They enjoy strategizing, gladly helping those who seek their guidance; if these people prove to be worthy of their attention. Being a symbol of war, destruction, and violence, many fear them. Small villages and secluded tribes burn sage and sing songs in strange languages as a prayer to these pegasi, hoping to be blessed with success in the battles to come. Others make small sacrifices in hopes of another year of strategically avoided battles. Few are those who seek to befriend the adult aresian hellenic pegasi, knowing even fewer were ever able to gain the favors of such a creature.


Obtained from: Donation, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 20000 gold
Release date: May 1st 2022

Breeds with the following:
Aresian Hellenic Pegasus + Aresian Hellenic Pegasus = Aresian Hellenic Pegasus Cost: 3 shards
Eleuthyian Hellenic Pegasus + Aresian Hellenic Pegasus = Eleuthyian Hellenic Pegasus Cost: 3 shards
Eleuthyian Hellenic Pegasus + Aresian Hellenic Pegasus = Aresian Hellenic Pegasus Cost: 3 shards

May 2022 5-shard Donation Pet

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real

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