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Platinum Torveus Dragon #1309


Extensive breeding of the green and gold torveus dragons has led to fascinating outcomes. Most of the offspring kept their green and gold scales, but mutations inevitably appeared. Their scales are instead silver in color, shining like mirrors. Calmer than the usual breeds, the platinum torveus dragons rarely have outbursts of extreme violence. Even so, some of their habits are present. They also enjoy destroying things, and magis have to train these dragons from a young age to ensure they remain calm when reaching maturity. Instead of risking the destruction of villages or herds, they are taught to use their force in more creative ways. The dragons are asked to demolish old buildings or break large boulders into smaller pieces. If behaving, they are allowed to break apart old and unneeded furniture. Although they are careful not to harm those they care about, these dragons will not back away from starting a fight with one of their kind just for fun. Platinum torveus dragons are smaller than their gold and green relatives, but they look just as fierce. However, they lack some of their magic as their blood no longer enhances the effects of potions.


This egg is heavy for its size, and several sharp spikes have pierced through its shell.


Platinum torveus dragon hatchlings are usually calm and content with observing the things around them. The hatchlings take great interest in their green and gold relatives. However, they are rarely allowed to spend time with them for fear they would become aggressive. The hatchlings do not appear to have any aggressive thoughts, but most magis prefer to take precautions by keeping logs around them. While some hatchlings spend time with their own kind, others are more inclined to play with these logs. The dragon hatchlings sharpen their claws or gnaw on the bark, content to create plenty of woodchips. Those that take delight in this activity are sometimes trained to carve simple things, shaping wood and easing the job of carpenters.


Adult platinum torveus dragons are smaller than their gold and green relatives. Most of these dragons make their homes in mountain caves. On some occasions, they insist on nesting inside the Keep. When this happens, magis prefer for the dragons to keep their hoards away from the Keep. As the adult platinum dragons make their nests out of the things they collect, the rooms they claim as their homes are in constant chaos. They collect gold coins and fabrics, and while their nests are beautiful, they can be dangerous for those who visit them. Mostly well-behaved, the victims of the dragons' rare aggressive outbursts are random chairs found in the dining hall. Random wood splinters and pieces of forgotten fabric make for an annoying mess that can lead to painful accidents. As they grow, the platinum dragons shed their scales. Skilled craftsmen use them to make armor, and while such pieces are expensive, no weapon can pierce through them. As such, the dragons can hardly be harmed. This makes them valuable companions in dangerous situations.


Obtained from: Donation, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 20000 gold
Release date: April 15th 2022

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Platinum Torveus Dragon + Platinum Torveus Dragon = Platinum Torveus Dragon Cost: 3 shards
Green Torveus Dragon + Platinum Torveus Dragon = Green Torveus Dragon
Gold Torveus Dragon + Platinum Torveus Dragon = Gold Torveus Dragon
Platinum Torveus Dragon + Purple Torveus Dragon = Purple Torveus Dragon

April 2022 Midmonth Donation Pet

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real/Damien

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