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Noelino #1285


The noelino is a seasonal creature, most active during wintertime. It sleeps starting late spring until the end of autumn. It is often associated with the winter festivities, as wherever the noelino goes, the sweet smell of gingerbread lingers in the air. Small and curious, a noelino can find its way in the kitchens, giving the impression that sweet gingerbread cookies are baked, fooling everyone with its delicious smell. The odd thing about the noelino is that it lacks whiskers. For a creature that relies so much on feeling its surroundings, the noelino could be considered lost without whiskers. However, colorful ribbon-like appendices grow on its back. These ribbons move in weird patterns as if blown by the wind. Although the movement seems random, the noelino moves the ribbons in a way that allows it to understand its surroundings better. As the ribbons are a vital part of the noelino, cutting them off is forbidden. Those who wish to use the ribbons have to wait until spring when the noelino sheds them.


This egg's golden shell smells like sweet gingerbread.


Noelino hatchlings are blind and hairless in the first few days of their lives. If it weren't for their tasty gingerbread smell, many would dismiss them. As days pass, the little hatchlings turn into cute rodents with soft, golden fur and curious eyes. Colorful ribbons sprout from their back, moving continuously like tiny tentacles. The noelino hatchlings are ready to play and explore, happily befriending magi who offer them sweet treats. Although they prefer to stay near fireplaces, the noelinos are not afraid to play out in the snow. During the start of the winter, when these hatchings are the most active, it is best to pay close attention to where one walks. The noelino hatchlings can pop up out of nowhere and cause people to trip as they approach those who are known to give them treats.


The ribbons of an adult noelino are truly magnificent. They are soft to the touch and shiny, their different colors giving the noelino a festive look. When the time comes for the noelino to succumb in its deep sleep for the warm seasons, the ribbons fall out, becoming inert. They are no longer magical, and the noelino has no interest in them. However, magis gather them with care. As they are almost impossible to break, these ribbons are used by many, from tying scrolls to braiding hair. And to make things even better, the sweet gingerbread smell persists on the ribbons for years after being shed. As soon as the winter months arrive, the noelino wakes from its deep sleep. New ribbons grow on its back to help the little creature feel its surroundings. Those who keep these creatures as companions often compete to see whose noelino can grow the longest ribbons before being shed.


Obtained from: Event, Winter Solstice, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: December 19th 2021

Breeds with the following:
Noelino + Noelino = Noelino

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real

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