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Calidis Pygmy Gryphon #1282


Usually found on the islands far west of the Keep, pygmy gryphons are colourful creatures with playful natures. They live to cause havoc, bringing mayhem and panic wherever they go. As big as a pampered pet dog, these gryphons will terrorize merchants by stealing their sweet fruit and destroying everything in their path. They will bite and screech at people, acting in any way opposed to a wise gryphon. When not busy creating pandemonium, the pygmy gryphons laze in quiet places. They rest on scholars' shoulders, silently staring at the books and parchments. They squeak in approval occasionally, especially when pages are turned or lectures are finished as if they can comprehend the written information. Rare tomes must carefully be put away if pygmy gryphons wander into libraries, as these creatures are known for devouring the most precious of titles. Now calm and sweet-natured, the next moment appearing to be in a state of sugar-rush, the pygmy gryphons are the cause of many arguments between healers. Their bipolarity makes them unstable, and many prefer to keep these creatures away from their work. Yet, the fine dust extracted from their feathers is prized in the fight against many diseases.


Soft chirps come from this colorful egg.


Pygmy gryphon hatchlings get their dual personalities as soon as they hatch. Chaos ensues when there are more than two hatchlings in the same place. It is a cacophony of chirping and screaming, with them jumping around excitedly, especially on merchant tables where fruit can be obtained from. Just as easy as they cause chaos, the hatchlings can calm down. They can keep guard on the same table they previously stole fruit from, assuring no one with commit any theft. They can fly around small pouches of goods, helping those in need of carrying things. And they can calmly sit next to someone reading a book. Moody as they are, they will try to fight creatures bigger than them just for the thrill. Feathers usually go flying when this happens. Although they are not as potent, considering the gryphon's young age, they can still be ground down to powder and used in different tinctures.


Pygmy gryphon adults lay their eggs at the start of winter in the most peculiar places. They get inside treasure vaults or open jewellery boxes, leaving their eggs between gold coins and other precious trinkets. The shell is hard enough to remain intact when other things are accidentally stored on top of them. However, there have been cases of them cracking. When this happens, the adult gryphons will lay other eggs in just as precarious places. Although they have little care for their eggs, the adults are deeply attached to their young. They are patient with their hatchlings, feeding and teaching them how to fly. The pygmy gryphons are maybe the calmest when around their young. If their bipolarity starts to show and they begin to behave hectically, other adults will take their place tending for the young. When night approaches, the pygmy gryphons are the most active. That is when they cause the most chaos. Making a ruckus near windows just as people get ready for the night is a favourite activity. The gryphons will then make a mess while invading the home, breaking pots and tearing apart curtains only to fall asleep next to a house cat a few moments later. Instead of throwing them out when the occasion arrives, most magis leave them be. They will gently pluck feathers away from the gryphons to have them ground down to fine powder. This powder is used in creating an array of medical tinctures, the dust making their effect more potent.


Obtained from: Donation (Dec)
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: December 1st 2021

Element: Life An icon depicting the element Life

Breeds with the following:
Calidis Pygmy Gryphon + Calidis Pygmy Gryphon = Calidis Pygmy Gryphon (Guaranteed) Cost: 3 shards
Foenaran Pygmy Gryphon + Calidis Pygmy Gryphon = Foenaran Pygmy Gryphon (Guaranteed) Cost: 3 shards
Foenaran Pygmy Gryphon + Calidis Pygmy Gryphon = Calidis Pygmy Gryphon (Guaranteed) Cost: 3 shards

December 2021 5-shard Donation Pet

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real

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