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Ethereal Amagnae #1280


Ethereal amagnaes are said to be the ghosts of all the birds sacrificed as meals during various festivities. Experts in the matter, though, say they are simply a different breed, able to cross the veil that separates our world from other dimensions. If you are to pay close attention to one of these creatures, you could believe that both theories are true. You can not tell for sure, but at certain moments you swear the ethereal amagnae that currently sits next to you resembles that one turkey you cooked three winters ago for your aunt's birthday party. It is uncanny, and you really feel the need to apologize to the amagnae. You would like to inspect the creature more, just to be sure, but the amagnae has vanished soundlessly. When corporeal, the ethereal amagnae does not appear ghostly at all. Its white plumage makes it look delicate, even elegant, and it is definitely real. The bird pecks at the few seeds left on your window sill, proving it is alive. But it stares at you with its dark eyes a little too long to be comfortable, as if seeing into your soul and the feeling of being haunted returns.


This egg looks as solid as any other, but your fingers pass through it whenever you try to pick it up.


Ethereal amagnae hatchlings are the cutest. Their round bodies are covered in perfectly white feathers, making them look like piles of fresh snow. They are quite cheerful, playing with anything and everything, squeaking and chirping at each other, having the best of times. All of this lasts only for the first few weeks. As soon as they start vanishing, they become more somber. They are less noisy and appear to be preoccupied with staring into space for indefinite amounts of time. Whenever the amagnaes disappear, they do so gradually. Their bodies become somewhat translucid until they are completely gone. Whenever they reappear, the process is reversed. The more they vanish, the less time it takes, until one day when they go from solid forms to nothingness in the blink of an eye. Whenever they come back from the other dimension they travel to, they look like they have not yet realized they returned to this world. This transition they go through is painless, and as they age, the ethereal amagnae hatchlings look more ghostly than real.


Ethereal amagnae adults are calm creatures. They peck on worms and seeds, explore the world around them, and generally act like any other flightless bird. The disturbing thing about them, though, is that they do all of this in complete silence. The birds aren't mute, of that you are sure. You have heard ethereal amagnae chirp at one another while they were still hatchlings, so it must be that these birds have taken a vow of silence. As time passes, you somewhat get used to your silent amagnae. As long as you see the amagnae, everything is fine. The moment the bird disappears is what frightens you. The amagnae is gone, nowhere in sight, but you can still feel its presence, looming over you, making you nervous. This is when you consider the legends about the ethereal amagnae true; this is when the bird travels to a different dimension and this is when its somewhat ghostly nature shows. It does not last long before the amagnae returns. When it does, the bird stares into space, as if still looking at the things present only in the other place.


Obtained from: Event, Harvest Festival, Retired
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: November 28th 2021

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real

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