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Reaper Amagnae #1279


Despite being covered with sharp feathers and even sharper spikes, reaper amagnae are received with a much warmer, albeit still grudging, welcome by farmers than their wild silver and brown cousins. This is partly because they are merely indifferent towards humans, rather than actively malicious. More importantly, they have the interesting ability to age crops to perfect harvest ripeness in an instant just by proximity, a power they take advantage of to always have tasty food to eat. Since they tend to appear in late fall, farmers generally don't begrudge having part of their remaining fields ransacked in exchange for the rest of their crops being made magically ready for harvest before winter sets in. However, the birds' sharp feathers, spiky appearance, and rumors that their aging powers can work on humans as well, give them a slightly ominous reputation, and mean that they are treated with a certain degree of fear. Once the harvest has been brought in, it is considered an omen of death if the birds stay on, and so most villages put offerings of fresh grain and meat on their outskirts afterwards in hopes of bribing the reaper amagnae to move on.


This egg has several viciously sharp spikes growing out of it.


Reaper amagnae hatchlings are cute, affectionate, and fortunately for the magi raising them, not yet covered in sharp spikes, though their hatchling down is uncomfortably pokey. This makes their demands for cuddles merely uncomfortable rather than actively painful. Magi should take care to train their hatchlings to express their affection in less physical ways, or suffer the consequences when their chick grows up. As hatchlings, reaper amagnae don't have much of their strange aura yet, and so any crops that happen to be in their proximity at most grow slightly faster. As such, they forage for themselves by hunting for bugs and small animals, and beg adults or their magi when they want tasty treats of perfectly ripened fruit and grains.


As reaper amagnae hatchlings grow older, they molt their mildly sharp hatchling down and grow in razor sharp adult feathers. They also gain sharp spikes along their tails, wingtips, and heads, making them thoroughly unpleasant to touch. Adults also grow more aloof, though those who were raised by magi will still greet their companion and beg for treats. While wild reaper amagnae show up in the lands near the Keep every fall and then disappear back into Silva Forest once winter comes, those raised at the Keep stay put, and help keep food plentiful for its many inhabitants all year round. This is generally seen as proof that reaper amagnae powers only age crops and do not work on humans or other creatures, since those who tend reaper amagnae at the Keep seem to age normally. However, rumors still abound that anyone who mistreats their amagnae will grow feeble and weak, and expire unnaturally quickly. Reaper amagnae molt once a year, and their sharp feathers are useable as knives in a pinch. These feathers are also particularly useful as components for spells and potions relating to aging and death, adding to their ominous reputation.


Obtained from: Event, Harvest Festival, Retired
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: November 28th 2021

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Kestrad

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