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Candy Corn Batcoon #1273


The arrival of candy corn batcoons marks the start of fall festivities. Their strange looks raise a lot of questions, and there are always debates over whether they are a failed hybrid or are simply the way they are. With thick orange fur, ears and wings of a bat, and the body of a raccoon, the batcoons make for a strange creature. No one knows where they come from. They show up when the fall festivities begin and slowly disappear once the celebrations end. Their only interest is in sweets, therefore loving the season of trick-or-treating. Their orange bodies offer them the perfect camouflage, hiding among pumpkins and jumping out from behind them to scare those who pass by. Normally they would be considered a nuisance but cuddling one of the batcoons has its benefits. They give a strangely relaxing feeling, making those who hug them feel mellow and at ease. As the batcoons like to pickpocket those who cuddle them, most people keep some candy hidden in their clothes. A batcoon that steals candy is a happy batcoon, and everyone wants a cuddly creature rather than an angry, ready-to-bite one.


This candy corn-like egg smells sweeter than any other dessert.


If you ever see a candy corn batcoon hatchling hopping towards you with its arms and mouth wide open, expect the worse. It looks as if it wants a hug, but if you try to pet it, you might receive a nasty bite. The batcoon hatchling's only intention is to steal candy. It has no need for hugs or pets, nor does it want your love. If you have candy for the batcoon hatchling, you are the best person in the whole wide world. If you have none, then chances are it will ignore you completely. The hatchling looks silly, trying so hard to appear spooky, and you cannot refrain from rewarding it with a small piece of candy for its hard work. This angers the little batcoon, but it will still take the candy from you, acting like a grumpy child. Not yet understanding that their hugs have calming effects on people and what benefit those hugs can bring them, the batcoon hatchlings can act a little crazy. They will jump at people, make weird faces, hiss, and growl, anything to scare those who have candy. Best to give them what they want.


Adult candy corn batcoons are highly intelligent and patient. They will watch intently, coming up with new ways to scare people and cause chaos. Their preferred targets are the children, who are the easiest to scare. The batcoons will swing off branches, jump on people, and pop up from holes in an attempt to make people drop their sweets. Cowardice is not something the batcoons are familiar with. They are unfazed by groups of people and will easily break into homes to steal more candy. It is not that uncommon for the batcoons to try and buy candy, either. They climb on top of counters, offering golden objects such as leaves and torn pieces of fabric, expecting to be given candy. They never receive any, being shooed away instead. In return, the batcoon jumps on the person who refused it, hissing, growling, and spitting, digging its sharp claws in the person's hair. In the attempt to remove the batcoon, candy jars will go flying, juice cans will spill, and bottles of caramel syrup will break. The damage is costly, and the batcoon will run away with as much as it can carry. Such messes can be avoided by giving the batcoon something in exchange for the golden items. However, the batcoon will not be pleased with a small taffy or a colorful lollipop. It will demand more and more, still causing a loss of sweets.


Obtained from: Event, Halloween, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: October 24th 2021

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Candy Corn Batcoon + Candy Corn Batcoon = Candy Corn Batcoon

Sprite art: Xenomorph, Xenomorph/Lazuli | Description: Real

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