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Saltwater Kelffy #1270


The saltwater kelffy is a relatively small creature with an abundant kelp-like mane, iridescent body, and a tail that puts even the most beautiful capricorn to shame. Whenever a kelffy is around, a heavy, salty humidity lingers in the air, and an excessive amount of kelp shows up in random places seemingly out of nowhere. Despite its summery colors, the kelffy prefers cold autumn nights when its entrancing songs carry for miles. People often wander the swamps - a place the kelffy likes to lurk in - as if lured by the creature's songs. Although it likes to sing a specific variety of songs, the kelffy can be trained to sing in groups and even hold full-on concerts. The kelffy is a sociable creature with an immense curiosity. It willingly follows strangers around, humming to itself while it accompanies travelers. If the kelffy becomes comfortable enough around people, it will continuously visit their homes, delighting everyone with its songs. It also has the bad habit of leaving its kelp in the most unexpected places for people to unwittingly slip on.


This saltwater taffy smells divine. You attempt to eat it but every time you pick it up a strange song comes from it.


You are uncertain about keeping your saltwater kelffy hatchling into a fishbowl, afraid it might dissolve. But you have seen others do the same, and it appears to be the norm. Barely the size of a goldfish, you would like to pet the kelffy the entire day, but it needs to be in the water if you want to keep it alive. Carrying it around in the fishbowl seems to be the only way in which you can listen to its beautiful songs. The kelffy sings almost the entire time it is awake, sometimes cheery songs you often sing along to, sometimes humming to itself almost inaudibly. When it hums, it is a strange song. It gives you a bad feeling, something between dread and anxiety. But before you know it, the hatchling will switch to singing something cheerful again, and the strange feeling is gone. You never see the hatchling leave its bowl, but you slip on kelp that looks suspiciously like its mane too often for that to be the case. It is only then when your uncertainty that the kelffy hatchling might actually be a taffy is completely gone.


It is really impressive how something as small as a goldfish is now reaching up to your hip. You would like to have your saltwater kelffy around more often, but it requires to be in the water most of the time, and the moisture it brings when on land is usually hard to stand. You can pet it now, just like you wanted when the kelffy was a little hatchling, but the kelp in its mane is wet and slimy, not suitable for petting. In the hours the kelffy spends on land, it sings beautiful songs. They range from lullabies to heart-aching songs; and from rapidly-paced tunes that are perfect for parties to eerie and sinister melodies that send chills down your spine. The saltwater kelffy's preferred time for visits is at dusk, spending many night hours by your side, singing you to sleep. Sometimes it disappears before morning. Other times it waits until you awake. When the kelffy is still there in the morning, you expect the worse. It hums to itself, watching intently, waiting. The hum turns into a laugh-like sound when you unknowingly slip on the kelp it strategically left for you to find. The kelp is never in the same place, and you only find it when it is too late. The top of the stairs, in doorways, and right next to your bed are some of the most common places slippery kelp can be stepped on.


Obtained from: Event, Halloween, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: October 24th 2021

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Saltwater Kelffy + Saltwater Kelffy = Saltwater Kelffy (Normal)

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Real

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