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Bloodmoon Yote #1267


Legend has it that when the kamar rabbit came down from the moon, the yote chased after, and both arrived on earth as a result. Because the kamar rabbit was so hard to catch, the yote split himself into two to better pursue his quarry - bluemoon to chase the kamar rabbit at night, and bloodmoon for the day. Yotes appear in many legends, and in some they are ill omens who purposely sow misfortune, while in others, they are benevolent tricksters who brought fire to the world and ended an endless winter - but in all legends, the kamar rabbit outsmarts it and gets away. There is some truth to these legends - magi should avoid keeping both yotes and kamar rabbits, as yotes delight in chasing the rabbits and are stubbornly persistent and just clever enough to get into a lot of trouble, while kamar rabbits delight in tricking yotes into causing even more trouble while fleeing, often leading to a great deal of endless chaos. Yote companions at the Keep are cunning and nimble and often leave the kitchen staff at their wits' end from their tendency to break into larders. However, they are also persistent and brave hunters, and so friendly that it's impossible to stay upset at them for very long.


This egg has a strange pattern on it; it almost resembles a newly risen moon.


Yote hatchlings are weak and defenseless when first hatched, and require careful, constant feedings of milk for their first two weeks. After that, they become much more self sufficient, and quickly learn to catch mice and other small creatures to feed themselves, though they will happily beg their magi or their parents for food. Weaned yote hatchlings love playing with each other and their magi, and quickly learn all sorts of clever tricks for breaking into places they don't belong, often to their magi's chagrin.


Yote adults are about half the size of an adult direwolf, and are fearless hunters who prefer fighting their prey rather than ambushing them. Unlike their wolf cousins, they generally hunt alone or in pairs rather than in a pack, and they spend significant time digging for rodents, rabbits, and other small creatures as well. Yotes are most active whenever the moon is out, though in general bloodmon yotes are more active during the day, while bluemoon yotes prefer to hunt at night. Yotes are notoriously clever, and are particularly good at breaking into places they're not supposed to be. This makes them a favored companion for adventurers, especially those who specialize in exploring ancient ruins. Like kamar rabbits, yotes bear a marking on their flank used by ancient moon worshippers, and they seem to derive strength from the moon - magi have noticed their yotes are particularly sleepy and content to cuddle during new moons, and tend to hunt larger and larger prey as the full moon draws close. The gem on their forehead likewise glows brighter as the moon gets fuller, and wanes with the moon as well. On the night of the full moon, Yotes invariably run off somewhere open to perform a strange dance, pawing at the sky as if reaching for the moon. Some say they miss their old home, and this dance is as close as they can get to a place they can never return to again, but most magi believe it is merely a way for them to burn off their excess energy.


Obtained from: Donation (Oct)
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 20000 gold
Release date: October 1st 2021

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Bloodmoon Yote + Bloodmoon Yote = Bloodmoon Yote Cost: 3 shards
Bloodmoon Yote + Bluemoon Yote = Bloodmoon Yote Cost: 3 shards
Bloodmoon Yote + Bluemoon Yote = Bluemoon Yote Cost: 3 shards

October 2021 3-shard Donation Pet

Sprite art: DarrkestDrow | Description: Kestrad

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