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Ferrofluid Crystalwing #1229


Created by the artificers as proof they can make creatures out of any medium, even liquid, ferrofluid crystalwings are beautiful but slightly unsettling. Their bodies are almost always in motion, one moment covered completely in spikes, one moment almost fully smooth, and they create and absorb limbs constantly. The gems on their bodies, their one solid, unchanging component, attract iron, and they break down and absorb any pieces they catch into their liquid bodies. Despite this constant intake of material, they don't ever grow larger than a small dog. This is because they usually prefer to walk (or ooze) rather than fly, and always leave behind an oily, gritty liquid residue wherever they touch something.


This "egg" is a glass bottle half filled with oddly viscous liquid.


After days of absorbing everything made of iron within a foot of it until the fluid within threatens to overflow, ferrofluid crystalwing eggs hatch. That is to say, the lid slowly expands into a lovely gem, a strange claw arm grows out to clasp the gem, and the remainder of the bottle folds open like a flower blooming, the liquid pointing in regular spikes towards the gem like leaves toward sunlight. All this happens in a few minutes and is a fascinating sight to behold. The gem strongly resembles a piece of amber that has been rubbed, attracting whatever small floating bits are nearby and causing creatures' fur to stand on end near it.


The strange apparatus that is a ferrofluid crystalwing hatchling keeps attracting iron and small floating bits, growing and growing, until one day their magi companion wakes up to find it has reassembled itself again, into a distinctly crystalwing shape. Bands of the spiky black liquid hold more of the strange charged gems all along a body made of smooth, silvery liquid, though the two materials seem to shift and change into each other at will. A ferrofluid crystalwing's liquid body allows it to explore crevices that look far smaller than it should be able to fit into, and it can manipulate the shape of its spikes to match most textures. Curious and mischievous by nature, these skills are often used to startle the ferrofluid crystalwing's magi companion, usually much to the crystalwing's amusement and its magi's chagrin.


Obtained from: Event, Magiversary, Retired
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: May 10th 2021

Sprite art: Rijolt, Xenomorph/Rijolt | Description: Kestrad

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