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Marinevra Crystalwing #1227


Technically marinevra crystalwings are not alive, but that doesn't mean they don't have personality. They seem to enjoy pretending to be broken, collapsing in awkward heaps until someone comes to check on them, at which point they leap up in joy. Some magi even claim that the rattle when they do this sounds distinctly like a giggle. Marinevra are delicate enough that magi should be careful not to get too rough with them, but fortunately a gift of wood or string is enough for the marinevra both to forgive and to repair itself.


Is this an egg or just a pile of junk someone left lying around?


Hatchling marinevra crystalwings grow by splitting apart their egg and rearranging the pieces to form their bodies. These hatchlings are inevitably tangled in their own strings, resembling a terribly made puppet. Kind magi may want to help untangle them, but it's best to just leave small bits of wood, string, and fabric nearby so the hatchling can use them to help itself grow. Though hatchlings spend most of their early days stationary and at risk of accidentally being tossed out in the garbage, they will eventually sort themselves out and become much more active as they transition into adults.


Adult marinevra crystalwings are only about a foot tall, and move in wobbly, jerky movements that make them look quite adorably goofy. Their strings are held stiffly above their heads, as though someone is holding them up; if a magi were to take hold of the control bar, they would relax, but it's considered rude to manipulate a marinevra against their will. Even as adults, marinevra often seek attention, clambering onto tables and wobbling onto whatever their magi is working on - or eating - until their magi agrees to play.


Obtained from: Event, Magiversary, Retired
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: May 10th 2021

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Sochitelya

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