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Galline's Beach Glass Turtle #1212


Discovered by magi Daria Galline, these turtles are truly beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, long ago, they were nearly driven to extinction as their shells became prized possessions for the rich. However, their numbers are slowly growing as hunting them has been banned. Many magis have taken to keeping these turtles with the sole purpose of breeding them. Beach glass turtles get their name because of their beautiful, glass shells. These turtles' diet consist of any glass they find, helping to keep the beaches and oceans clean in the process. Their shells reflect sunlight as they swim, making them difficult to see for any predators that may want to attack the turtle.


This red egg is made out of glass.


Beach glass turtle hatchlings are rarely seen in the wild. Once they hatch and make it to the ocean, they proceed to hide in the reef, only coming out a few times a day in search of glass to eat. Their shell at this age is not as vibrant, but that changes over time as they eat more glass. Their shell's color depends on the color of the glass they eat and over the years, their shell color will repeatedly change.


Galline's beach glass turtles, despite their name, spend the majority of day time lazily drifting along the ocean currents, always on the lookout for glass. When night falls, they will seek shelter, hiding away in a sunken ship or a reef. These turtles are not welcoming to magis, fleeing at the first sight of a magi due to years of over hunting. It can take months of a magi returning to the same spot everyday before a turtle will approach them. If raised from an egg, beach glass turtles are still not the most trusting of creatures, but they are a lot more approachable than those found out in the wild, especially if a magi has a piece of glass for them to munch on.


Obtained from: Shop, Preservationist Shop
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: March 29th 2021

Sprite art: Jrap17 | Description: Jrap17

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