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Holyhound #1192


On cold winter nights in years long past, people would huddle around fires and pray for different things. Perhaps it would be prayers for warmth as the fire died low, or prayers for food when the harvests the years before were bad. Perhaps it would be prayers for health or safety as the mage wars raged on. People would go to sleep with dreams in their mind of a better world filled with the basic necessities they need, and wake up to see that the wood of their fire had changed into a steadfast, loyal companion who would seek to help them make their prayers come true. Even now, these creatures still appear from fires overnight, seeking to help those who may need it.


It's a log.


Holyhound hatchlings are born with a deep knowledge of the desires of those who wished for them, and will begin trying to fulfill that person's wish. But first, they must prepare themselves and grow, and they take this job seriously too. They will chew the shells of their log into strips, and carry it with them like a tool. It seems to channel their magic. With the wood in their mouths, they can begin to generate heat, find the freshest food or berries even in the snows of winter, or manipulate the wood to protect those around them from danger.


An adult holyhound is a sight to behold. Their fur glows with lustrous fire that gives off soothing heat, and they can make an entire room comfortable as they rest in the corner. Their sticks have become six wing-like wooden appendages that thrum with magic, allowing them the ability to hover and fly. Holyhounds exude magical energy, and this energy transforms into fulfillment for those around them. Just being near a holyhound will give a person everything they need to survive—they will not feel hunger, thirst, or cold. Of course, the holyhound itself will need to be cared for in return, and they do have a penchant for playtime. If ignored too long, a holyhound will wail in annoyance, but settle easily when given attention and care.


Obtained from: Event, Winter Solstice, Retired
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: December 25th 2020

Element: Life/Air An icon depicting the element LifeAn icon depicting the element Air

Breeds with the following:
Holyhound + Holyhound = Holyhound

Sprite art: Xenomorph, Xenomorph/Lazuli | Description: Raneth

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