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Fancy Spotted Ratumbidae #1122


One of the most common and hardy creatures in the world is the ratumbidae. Individuals who decided to breed the most beautiful of the ratumbidae eventually came up with their own varieties and breeds, the most valuable of which is the fancy ratumbidae. Much like their plainer cousins, fancy ratumbidae are hardy, healthy creatures that can survive anywhere. Of course, most of the fancy varieties are pampered, or brought to shows, and do not need to scavenge for food. They seem to appreciate the treatment, and will reward their owners by finding magical treasures, or just by finding valuables if there are no magical items nearby.


This egg has a rope-like tail.


Ratumbidae do not spend much time as hatchlings, as these creatures grow fast. They spend much of their time begging their owners for food, and can and will eat nearly anything. With their sharp senses of smell, it is nearly impossible to keep food from a ratumbidae, and the fancy varieties are just as voracious. With training, however, a fancy ratumbidae hatchling will learn to eat slowly and appreciate finer fare.


For a long time, ratumbidae were overlooked at the Keep. Incredibly common and seemingly bereft of magic, they were viewed as a nuisance. Their ever-growing numbers, however, encouraged some individuals to breed specific varieties. The rarest breeds have wings of emerald, purple, and blue, some have feathered manes, and coats can vary from spotted to a russet brown. The discovery was made that they were surprisingly intelligent, with an excellent sense of direction. Even better, they have an innate sense of magic. They can sense and locate magic, whether it be other magical creatures, individuals with magic, or even magical artifacts. Once this was figured out, they became highly sought after for more than just their beautiful coloring. Once trained, they can seek out long-forgotten magical treasures, or be used to locate potential students for the Keep. Fancy ratumbidae are mostly used for the latter purpose, as potential students take more kindly to their beautiful appearance.


Obtained from: Donation
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 20000 gold
Release date: June 1st 2020

June 2020 5-shard Donation Pet

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Raneth

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