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Eshmeri #1085


An explorer named Talie was first to discover these creatures, and their unique magic was discovered as soon as Talie announced it to the world. The magic of the eshmeri is said to be imprinted upon anything someone writes if the creature can hear the heartbeat of whoever is writing it. As the eshmeri listens, the emotion of the letter writer will be poured into the words, and that emotion will be experienced by anyone reading it. Anyone who read Talie's writings was filled with elation and the wonder of new discovery, as though the emotion had been imprinted onto the books. Even now, when people search for inspiration, they read Talie's letters and observations of the eshmeri. The most mysterious writing, however, is the one about the white eshmeri. No emotion colors it. But the writing itself claims that a white eshmeri will disappear for a time, and when it returns, it will bring with it strong emotion intended for a specific recipient, along with a sense of peace. Some say this means they bring messages from those who have passed on.


This egg is furry.


Eshmeri hatchlings are born nearly helpless, and magi will have to hand-rear these creatures with extra love and care. They need to be fed mashed greens with a dropper, and must be kept swaddled and warm either with soft blankets or with fire magic. They spend most of their time snuggled against their magi, happy to listen to the sound of their heartbeat.


At the keep, eshmeri are used by anyone who wants to fill their writing with emotion. Thank you letters brimming with the feeling of gratitude, news of the world filled with shock or wonder, and of course, letters to loved ones rife with the spirit of desire if the letter is between lovers or with caring and fondness if between family members. These creatures can understand and project any kind of emotion, and any kind of love, into a message, with such finesse that letters written with their magic are often used to teach people what true love can feel like.


Obtained from: Shop, Remy's Inn: 3000 gold
Breeding: Yes
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: February 11th 2020

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Breeds with the following:
Eshmeri + Eshmeri = Eshmeri (Normal)
Eshmeri + Eshmeri = Albino Eshmeri (Normal)
Eshmeri + Albino Eshmeri = Eshmeri (Normal)
Eshmeri + Albino Eshmeri = Albino Eshmeri (Normal)
Eshmeri + Heartthrob Eshmeri = Eshmeri (Normal)
Eshmeri + Heartthrob Eshmeri = Albino Eshmeri (Normal)
Eshmeri + Heartthrob Eshmeri = Heartthrob Eshmeri (Normal)

The colour of the creature is determined randomly.

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: Raneth

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