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Bone Makou #1021


The people of the far north are expert carvers, and while they usually work with wood they have also made beautiful trinkets of bone or soft, colorful gemstones. Particularly intricate pieces made by magi often have an additional surprise: living creations capable of affection, loyalty, and sometimes even small magic. The makou is one of the most popular forms of living trinket, and so often the most commonly found and the first mastered by new carvers. Makou also hold a special place among the Boreus people, who hunt the flesh-and-blood versions in the late summer. The whales are considered vital to their survival through the harsh winters, and the people let nothing of their kills go to waste.


This delicate egg has been carefully carved, but appears to be empty inside.


Makou eggs don't hatch; they morph, elongating themselves and forming tiny fins and a tail. Beyond this shaping and growth, the young rarely move, and there are stories of people forgetting their pretty paperweight is one of the living variety. Such neglect is very risky though. Young makou often want coddling, and if they feel neglected they will move to different places to see if anyone notices. If the owner is not quick to find and tend the infant, it may well move to someone else's rooms, seeking an owner who will treat it better.


Bone makou are rare, crafted only by master carver-magi and always as living forms. This is because they are made from the bones of the whales they are modeled after, which is considered a precious resource. The non-living bone makou that do exist are always companions who went inert when their owners died. The full-grown carvings are a bit smaller than a cat, completely hollow, and float through the air the way living whales swim through water. There are rumors the makou can also phase through doors or walls, but this has never been witnessed and is highly unlikely given how easily damaged they are in harsh environments. Adult makou also seem to be aware of their fragility, as well as closely attached to an owner who has raised them well, so rarely try to leave their rooms in the first place. They can be set to a variety of simple tasks, and will frequently be given small candles or spider lights to carry within, becoming floating lamps - a self-directing magelight for use in rituals. Unlike those made of stone, bone makou are capable of changing their carvings at will, always able to become the exact magic symbol their owner requires.


Obtained from: Shop, Artificer Shop: 4800 gold
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 200 gold
Release date: July 22nd 2019

Element: Neutral An icon depicting the element Neutral

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Myrin

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