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  • You find yourself at a mysterious stream. Floating down it are beautiful eggs, unlike any you've ever seen or heard of, decorated with odd scales and extraordinary colors. Some are already hatching, and you can see hints of what they might become. The water glows, almost beckoning you forward, and the trees seem to lean inward, as if by some enchantment. You have made an amazing discovery, and wish you could take an egg or two. These rare eggs can be raised into adults, if nurtured and raised well. If grown to adulthood, they can become beautiful and potent allies for any magi.

    Magi are magic wielders, students and teachers from all corners of the world, who spend their time traveling to distant lands, learning and experimenting in all forms of sorcery. Rare eggs help greatly in their travel, both in wizard wars and as steeds. Will you join the ranks of these wizards, and take on the responsibility and adventure these creatures promise to bring? Choose your own egg, and begin the journey.

    Simply click one to take it as your own. Don't see anything you want? The eggs you see are automatically updated faster than you can refresh! Eggs that are no longer available will be instantly replaced with new ones. Can't seem to find the egg you're looking for? Try the shops.

Goldmining is causing the lag, and must stop

by Raneth » September 14th, 2023, 1:21:46 pm

As you all know, we've been struggling with site slowness and lag for years now. We have finally narrowed down the cause, and it's not one we're happy to report. We had hoped it was simple bots, but bots are not the main cause.

Gold mining is slowing down and crashing the site. As people have gotten more efficient at it, opening thousands of pages as people acquire more and more creatures, the site simply cannot keep up. Gold mining is essentially "DDOSing" the site--sending so many requests to pages that it cannot keep up. There is no way around this. Mining has to stop.

This is an official stance from now on. If you are gold mining with add-ons and scripts, stop immediately. As we fix things around the site and make improvements, and control bots who are nuisances, we need a smooth site. If we notice IPs who are mining at unsustainable rates, you will be banned.

If gold mining continues at rates that slow the site, we will remove the ability to get gold from adult creatures. There will be no point to setting up mining for all these pages or writing scripts to get gold. We will leave the ability to get gold from eggs and hatchlings, but if that also drives people to mine in ways that crash the site, that will also be removed.

Obviously, people need a way to get gold. We will set up additional solutions, and are currently brainstorming ideas. We are open to ideas for ways to acquire gold and balance the in-game economy. Please feel free to discuss.

I know people enjoy mining. But ultimately, the way it works currently is unsustainable. Please do not mine, and let other players enjoy a stable site.

Some clarifications from the thread:
Rosehill wrote: September 14th, 2023, 2:12:32 pm Using snaplinks, linkclump, and such extensions to click through click threads on the forum, or the IFN is still allowed, the site can handle that. If this proves to be a problem as well, we'll let you know, but it shouldn't cause that much trouble.

What is crashing the site is if people mine e.g. the Image Free Gold Mine so that they open hundreds or thousands of links in one go, and keep doing that for hours on end. There's no clear reason why the site cannot handle that any more, but at the moment it just can't.
Rosehill wrote: September 15th, 2023, 2:33:57 am Snaplinks in IFN and click threads is still ok.

A general rule of thumb that could be considered when you people are wondering what's okay and what's not: It's okay to use snaplinks and linkclump and such etc. when clicking on hatchlings and eggs. Purposefully mining on adult creatures is not okay any more. (And yes, the IFN or click threads may also have adults, it's okay if those get snaplinked/linkclumped too, so you don't have to worry about accidentally clicking on adults on IFN.) ^.^
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