It's been ages and I am back

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It's been ages and I am back

Postby GilraenNenharma » November 29th, 2019, 2:28:38 pm

Hello everyone, I am back after years of being away. I was shocked to see that this site was still up when I went searching for pictures of ice phoenix's and ice eggs. I was here on this site during high school and I am glad the site is still going so strongly. I hope that it continues and still has a strong base as it did back when I was here last in 2004-2008.

Times have certainly changed but I am glad to see this place is the same I once saw it before. Hello old players and welcome new ones of all ages. I hope to see you around the stream.

Gilraen Nenharma
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Re: It's been ages and I am back

Postby Ardroth » November 29th, 2019, 4:11:25 pm

Hello, welcome back!!! :D This site is still pretty active, if you ask me. Don't let those low-ish online numbers fool you, to me, this site is very dedicated, active, and just all around a great place to be. I joined only two or so years ago, and I'm just having a riot. :D

See you around! :)
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