Solnis Ruins, The Mural

Solnis Ruins, The Mural

Postby LadyRozen » July 5th, 2017, 12:48:10 pm

As you walk Away from the well you see a dry stone path. The stones are carved much like the well, the path leads to an arch and then turns sharply. You follow the path through a shaded street and to your surprise you can heard the sound of running water. Then you hear the sound of people talking. You hasten your steps to round the next corner. When you turn the corner you see another archway. Oddly enough when you get to the archway all the noises you have been following stop. you are now in a dead end. One all three walls is a panoramic Mural. The Mural shows a large market place filled with people and a beautiful fountain in the center. As you look at the mural you wonder... Was it the source of the sounds you heard?
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