Mountains of Me'chuan - The Fox Lanterns

Mountains of Me'chuan - The Fox Lanterns

Postby Aufheben » June 20th, 2017, 11:30:23 pm

My mission as an amateur folklorist brought me to the mountains of Me'chuan on the edge of Tetzcotal. The mountains are considered especially hazardous to navigate at night since they are unforgivably steep, and travelers have a tendency to congregate in camps along the comparatively flatter foothills. Apparently traversing the Etain desert when attempting northbound pilgrimages poses a greater risk than the precarious mountain peaks, though I personally prefer to be nestled between the withers of a winged mount. Either way, one will find any number of colorful characters when meandering through the mountains of Me'chuan. People native to the area seem to be fascinated by the motif of creatures adopting human traits; kitsune in particular are a popular focus for local legends. I had the pleasure of hearing one such fable whilst socializing amidst a camp that was interspersed with both foreigners and the long-time residents of nearby villages. Our eccentric host claimed to just be passing through, but his obsession with the legendary so-called "human foxes" of Me'chuan left me and many others skeptical. Regardless of his credibility, a small crowd of people quickly gathered to listen to the saga that I am about to relay. Supposedly it offers an explanation for the strange lights that are said to appear in the mountains at night, a phenomenon that has curiously been reported from locations as remote as Taggelisk.

"No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell" - C. G. Jung

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