(Magnis) Buried in the Desert

(Magnis) Buried in the Desert

Postby QueenoftheRabbits » June 4th, 2017, 9:43:15 am

this isn't great but I had a lot of fun doing it! it's definitely different than what I usually write

Once, when the city of Solnis was still thriving, there lived a young girl named Shula. She had come from a family that had not practiced magic, not because they were incapable but simply because they found no reason to, and had instead made their livelihood growing fruit to sell in the local market. Shula had no siblings, and cared deeply for her mother and father.

Shula's mother eventually fell sick and died, and though Shula and her father were greatly distressed, they managed to continue with their lives.

One day, as Shula's father was traveling to the market to sell fruit for the day, his head struck by a horse, and he died almost instantly.

The horse had been transporting a member of a powerful family of water mages that was well-known and respected within the oasis city. The rider, Calder, claimed that Shula's father had stepped into his path, and that the family of water mages should not be punished. Because of their influence over the city, most agreed with Calder, and efforts to penalize the family of water mages.

Shula felt that this was unfair, and demanded an apology from Calder, which he was unwilling to give. She immediately became outraged, and attempted to attack the water mage. He easily fended her off, and Shula left, ashamed.

I'm her grief, she wandered east into the Etain desert. She remained there for days, drifting aimlessly through waves of heat and sand. Eventually, while lying amongst the sand dunes, staring into the blazing heat of the sun, she decided that she would bring down Calder, like he has brought down her father.

She continued traveling, focusing solely on destroying the one who had hurt her, and began to learn fire magic from magi that she met. Shula discovered that she had an innate ability to manipulate fire and heat, using her passion and anger to intensify her magic. She took a Phoenix as her companion, and spent many grueling years wandering the harsh desert and perfecting her skills. As she became more and more powerful, her heart began to harden, and she gained a reputation amongst other wandering magi as being violent and temperamental. She no longer felt compassion towards other beings.

When she had decided that she was strong enough to defeat Calder, she returned to Solnis. There, she discovered that djdoshsodhwk had become old and passed away during the years she had spent training. But her desire for vengeance was not settled.

Shula decided to instead take the life of Calder's son, Firth.

Shula attacked the home where Firth lived, burning wood and melting rock with her powerful magic. She moved onwards, seeking the boy she wanted to kill. When she found him, he was hiding in a courtyard. He cried, and begged for Shula to spare him. Firth was young, nearly the same age Shula had been when she had lost her father. Shula looked at him and saw the same fear and sadness that she had also experienced, and began to feel compassion towards the young boy.

Soon, other water magi found her and Firth, and attacked. Shula fought them, but was forced to flee south. The magi soon found her, however, and with the help of an earth mage, banished her underground.
Magnis now stands where she was banished; it is sharp and dangerous to climb, but is also warm and beautiful.

thank you so much for the gifts!!

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