Legend of Everlight Crevasse

Legend of Everlight Crevasse

Postby SnowGlow » May 26th, 2017, 12:21:40 pm

It is said that long ago, Everlight Crevasse was much like any other split of the land. A dark, cold, place it welcmed none as the snows drifted below to cover every available surface as ice grew by the year.

But one day, a curious fox who wore the sky upon its fur ventured near. She searched for a safe haven to bear her young, away from prying eyes and unsteady ice. The great bears and icists of the northern lands already claimed much of Arkene, and magi worked upon a city too near for her liking.

"Find a home for us, a place where our kind will be able to hide, unreachable," had said the eldest of the Northern Light Foxes.

All of their able had leapt across the waves; they ran across the snowy lands and hid during the day, burrowing into the darkest places they could to hide their starry fur away from sharp eyes. Only when night fell again did any of the foxes venture out.

The expectant mother thought of her kits to come. She remembered when she had once been young, how much she had wanted to play and call the lights from above. Once, the way those very lights had shone through ice cleared of snow had made her smile. They had so looked like stars, drawn from the heavens to delight curious kits as their mother watched on!

And so she took a chance, wandering ever nearer the pit with walls of ice. As her belly grew heavy with her long days of searching she grew more desperate, took more chances, until at last she found a path so secret she knew none save the Northern Light Foxes could follow it.

Soon, the once dark crevasse became known as Everlight, for beneath the ice in hidden caves, the foxes called to the light and drew it into the ice. They wove it into every new melted snowflake as it froze upon the crevasse walls, building a place of delight and carrying on through the generations as the first to have found their home had wished.
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