Chachen Ixa, The First Hydra

Chachen Ixa, The First Hydra

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In a time too long ago to remember, there was only one Hydra. The hydra’s name was Rancor. This terrible creature ravaged the lands, destroying all that came near it. For this Hydra had a deep secret, the gods had placed a curse on him.

Rancor feared nothing. He would fly through the world searching for the most powerful creatures to fight with. But there was one creature that Rancor feared, a beautiful Puvia. This Puvia was gracious and gentle but a fierce competitor. It lived in the deep Ixan Jungle where it cared for and protected the surrounding lands. These lands were the only places where Rancor could not go and he hated that.

The gods had given Rancor a curse the day he was born. They cursed him so that to continue his kind he must go to four locations in the world and place a scale. They also told him the reason for this curse was because he had destroyed the lands that they had created. The first place he must go to is the Alasre Mountains and defeat the great dragons. Then he must go to the Callisto Islands and defeat the leviathans. After that Rancor has to go to Magnis and find his way past the flaming creatures within. In addition to that he must evade the temptations of magic in High Tor. Finally he would have to leave a scale on the top of the pyramid of Chachen Ixa while fighting the Puvia that live their.

First Rancor flew to the Alasre Mountains to defeat the dragons and leave a scale. After little trouble, due to his size and strength, he managed to defeat the dragons and leave a scale.

But the Leviathans were less willing to let him by. He fought and fought with his great five heads but still the Leviathans stayed strong. For the Leviathans, like all the creatures, thought that Rancor’s mission was to destroy their homes. Eventually through blood and flame Rancor was victorious in holding back the Leviathans. He left his scale more carefully this time for he knew that he was getting closer to his goal.

Next, Rancor had too go to the volcano in Magnis. These wispy fire creatures were relentless in protecting their territory. Only through the most difficult effort did Rancor get through their ranks and place a scale on the protected altar.

After Magnis, the Hydra knew that he must go to High Tor. This freezing wasteland was not only home to magical illusions, but also to a relentless frost. The magic and cold combined was nearly not enough for Rancor to bear. The great beast was flying in a storm one night and thought he saw a light in the distance. After getting closer he recognized it to be fire. Because he was a Hydra he was used to the heat of a flame, but when touching the fragile flame he immediately felt a searing agony. An agony that a normal fire could never bring. This was deep in his flesh and it felt like flaming stakes had been driven into his skin. After days of lying in the snow because of burn marks covering his skin he came to himself and rose up out and flew straight to the top of a mountain to find the altar guarded by only the magic of this mysterious place.

After that encounter Rancor flew out of High Tor as fast as he could with his ten eyes firmly closed to avoid temptation. After flying for a little while he began to notice that there were flashes of pink, blue, and green, in the skies. After seeing them more often he went to see what was going on one day. When he flew above the clouds there was twenty or so Puvias flying in circles around him. His great enemy had found him. One Puvia was dispatching from the group and flew close to the great Hydra she spoke to him with a beautiful but firm voice. “Rancor, I know you are flying to my home in Chachen Ixa. If you are coming to attack Chachen Ixa then you must know I will be ready.”
Then Rancor spoke with a voice like thunder, “You silly bird I will destroy your entire jungle and my children will live in it till the day the world ends” and with that he flew away.

As you can guess Rancor flew straight to Chachen Ixa because he thought he could catch the birds out of their nest. But the huge birds were ready. After flying to the altar, the Puvia suddenly appeared out of the jungle and began a fight seemingly to the death, but right when their leader could have delivered the final blow, she grabbed him with her claws and flew him far away in the Silva Forest for a reason of her own.

After the fight Rancor was demoralized, but instead of giving up he decided to spread his scaly wings and fly back to Chachen Ixa and fight the Puvias once again. However when he got there she was sitting on top of the altar and before he could fly up and attack a voice spoke to him through the altar. “Rancor, you are so close to your goal, do not waste your final chance with a fight.”

Rancor knew that this was the gods telling him that he must stop fighting but he could see no way to get to the altar without fighting. So instead of contemplating or thinking, he turned confusion into rage and charged at the Puvias’ leader. But as he flew the Puvia leader thought about how when she died her species would go on. About how she didn’t have to fight for her kind everyday. About how the Hydra needed a legacy.

As Rancor flew into the Puvia, instead of backing down or fighting back, she let herself go. Without a leader the remaining Puvias knew they were no match for a Hydra. But when Rancor put a scale on the altar, nothing happened. The altar didn’t glow or burst open to show Hydra eggs. The clearing was as silent as can be with Rancor on the altar looking enraged.

Rancor heard the sound of flapping wings, turning to fight the Puvias he saw four great Hydras. A Wind Hydra, a Storm Hydra, a Fire Hydra, and a Water Hydra. The five Hydras then flew to their positions, the Wind Hydra to High Tor, the Storm Hydra to the Alasre Mountains, the Fire Hydra to Magnis, and the Water Hydra to the Callisto Islands. And Rancor the Balance Hydra stayed behind to guard Chachen Ixa and the Ixan Jungle.

I hope it's good!
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Re: Chachen Ixa, The First Hydra

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