The Guardian of Chachen Ixa

The Guardian of Chachen Ixa

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There are many things we do not know about Chachen Ixa as its history has been lost to time, however, among the Xoctol-Hon one story about the great pyramid remains.

Centuries ago, back when the mage wars were at their peak, there was a girl and her Arkai living within one of the many ruins of the jungle which, back then, were just starting to crumble.

While this girl was no official magi herself she did know many basic spells that revolved around nature and light. It was not her magic that made her powerful though; she was said to be more in tune with nature than any magi ever recorded, skilled enough to feel the very balance of the ecosystem and the spirits of the creatures that lived within it.

No one ever dared to enter the depths of the jungle in fear of the beasts that called it their home so all was peaceful...until one day the balance of the jungle faltered.

The girl was confused at first as to what had caused the disruption and, using her abilities, searched for the cause, finding that a group of magi were traversing through the trees. While she'd seen magi in the jungle before, something was off about these ones, something she could not put her finger on. Despite this, however, she dismissed it.

When she awoke the next day the balance of the jungle had become even more compromised so, once again, she used her abilities, leading her to the group of magi she'd seen the day before.

This time though was different, the jungle's creatures were being attacked by them and captured, others forced to follow the commands of the magi. The girl now understood what she'd found off about the group, they were dark magi, but what were they doing here?

"They are making their way towards a pyramid within the jungle's depths" came a voice in her head that caused her to recoil, They cannot be allowed to reach its depths, for within them lies a tablet that will give its wielder the power to create or destroy."

"The power to create or destroy?" The girl asked, her voice a mix of confusion and fear, "Why does such a thing of that much power exist? Why hasn't it been destroyed?"

"It was created back when the mage wars began, but its creator was quickly stopped. Despite the efforts of the magi that come from the eastern regions of the land, the tablet could not be destroyed by even the most advanced of spells; instead they brought it here and sealed it within the walls of the pyramid's depths."

The girl stood up and spoke, "Take me to it, if I can reach this place before them then, while I am no magi myself, I know some basic spells and will help you fight. If worst comes to worst then I will take the tablet far from here and maybe even find some way to dispose of it."

At her words a unicorn stallion left the trees before her, "You are pure of heart, something my kind can see by simply looking at you. I will bring you to the pyramid and to the creatures that have sworn to protect it with their lives."

The unicorn gestured for the girl to get onto his back and, once she had mounted him, the stallion took off, weaving through the trees at a breakneck speed that his rider hadn't thought possible.

As quickly as it had begun the ride seemed to be over, the unicorn now in a slow trot as it entered a clearing, the ruins of what looked to be a grand city lay in ruin around the great structure that stood in its center.

"My friend, why do you bring a human this close to the pyramid?" a bird bearing all the colors of a rainbow cooed in question as she descended from the flowered trees above.

"The child is pure of heart and has offered to aid us in protecting this place from dark magi that have entered the jungle. She will help us fight but if needed she will take the tablet far from here. She can be trusted with it."

The Puvia looked at the girl the unicorn stallion had brought but, before she could say another word, voices were heard in the distance, the ones belonging to the dark magi.

"Go, get to the depths of the pyramid!" the unicorn neighed as the girl dismounted from his back.

"But what about you?! What about everyone protecting it from out here?!"

"We'll be fine, what matters is that the tablet doesn't fall into their hands. They don't know about you, only us. Now do as I said and go!"

With a heavy heart and slight reluctance the girl did as told and raced up the stairs of the structure in question, vanishing just before the sounds of battle began in the clearing.

Through the stone maze she ran, hoping that the direction she was going was the correct one until finally she entered a room, murals on the walls depicting winged serpents and what looked to be the story behind the once great city...all leading to one in the center that held what was most likely the tablet the unicorn had spoken of, its surface bearing runes that she had never seen before.

"Interesting, I never expected to see someone here, the magi that hid the tablet must have been desperate if they left one of their own here to guard it as the final line of defense." came a cold voice from behind her that made the girl's blood run cold.

She turned around, her eyes meeting those of a dark-robed magi, most likely the one that was leading the group invading the jungle, the one looking for the tablet behind her.

"Your kind is not welcome here in the jungle, let alone this room. You will get this tablet over my dead body!"

The dark magi recoiled a bit at the girl's words, the hiss of the arkai that was at her side adding emphasis on how serious she was.

However, he quickly regained his composure and a flicker of dark flames appeared on his fingertips, "Very well, perhaps you'll put up more of a challenge than those creatures outside."

The battle between the two did not last long, the dark magi was far more powerful than the girl and her arkai were, leaving the two of them to be struggling on the floor from their wounds and fatigue.

All hope seemed lost at this point but the tablet behind the girl began to glow and she slowly crawled over to it, ignoring all pain.

But the dark magi could clearly see her efforts and cast a spell towards her with the intent to finish her off, only to have a blur of white and green feathers dart in front of it, the force of the arkai's body impacting with the girl sent the pair into the wall holding the tablet, a flash of light filling in the room as they came in contact with it.

When the light faded the dark magi lowered the arm he'd used to shield his eyes from blindness, only to freeze in fear at what towered before him.

A large quetzalcoatl of white and green now stood in the place of where the girl and her arkai had been seconds before, the tablet no longer in the stone behind the great beast as it had done one of its two functions: create. The duo he'd faced off against were now one creature.

A hiss of anger came from the large, winged serpent as its ruby eyes met his own, causing the dark magi to turn around and run back into the maze of tunnels.

There was no escape though as the quetzalcoatl followed him until they exited the pyramid where, at the sight of the giant serpent, the dark magi below fled, those they'd been fighting in pursuit in order to chase them out of the jungle.

"No one of ill intent shall ever enter this place again!" hissed the quetzalcoatl as she once more locked eyes with the lone, dark magi before her.

The terrified magi opened his mouth to speak, but was unable to get any words out as, with a screech, a shockwave of light illuminated the area.

When it faded all that remained was the large statue of a quetzalcoatl in front of a wall, protecting what had once been an entrance...

...and an arkai egg resting at its base.

I'm not a very good writer so I hope this came out alright. I always have thought of what the lore behind the statue in Chachen Ixa could be so I came up with this. May not be the most original idea in the world and probably doesn't fit MS but it was fun to write regardless.^^

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