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[] Magistream Records []

Postby Utena » November 20th, 2010, 10:00:35 pm


A large book sits before you, a small layer of dust on the cover. The pages are worn, from obvious years of use. Inside, the names of many magi can be found, each being recognized for some type of accomplishment, whether large or small. You begin to read through them, interested in the bizzare things some magi have achieved. Why would anyone want the largest collection of frozen eggs? You continue to read, until you notice one record change right before your eyes from the name of one magi to another. It seems that records can be beaten. New ones are also appearing. Will your name one day be entered in this ancient book?

.::Want a Record?::.

Think you're a record holder? Fill out the form below, post it in the topic and it will be thoroughly checked over to see if it's legit. Once approved, it will be added to the database of records. You may also nominate someone for a record, by filling out a separate form. They will then be PMed about it. Updating records can also be done with one of these forms.

11/20 - Have taken over this from Lupin. :D I am hoping to do her work justice. <3
11/21 - This records place is officially open. :woo:
5/8 - Added a "I have Broken a Record".
5/18 - Thanks to Herbstblatt's wonderful idea. All lineages will have links to them.
6/3 - Thanks to Anira's idea. Any "GB/parentless" creature records post-crash must be noted when a member is making the record. If you have had these creatures beforehand, just let me know anyways. This way it is fair to all those who posted prior. I hope I made sense. >>
6/23 - Records going through a change. Please pardon the mess at this time. I am still taking records.
6/23 - Finished. Fun fact: all this was worked on in my insanejournal. I wanted to see what it would look like. :D
1/10 - All tie records including records containing most species and creatures that have not been bred (and any other record ties) are closed. I will no longer be adding people to them.
10/22 - With Doni's having the ability to breed now, you must specify if your doni record is either parentless, bred, or a mixture of both as this will help others with doni records.
4/3 - Records with no ability to have proof to them will not be accepted any further. If you have a record you feel that may be part of this rule, feel free to PM me and we can discuss it there.
2/20 - Any "Oldest" records will no longer be taken.
11/26 - There will be no new records taken for toxcity on Otrovian Amagnae.
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Re: [] Magistream Records []

Postby Utena » November 20th, 2010, 11:19:18 pm

.::Current Records&Holders::.
Remember, these are only those that have been posted here. It's possible there are others that beat the current ones.

Largest Army Records


Largest Abeoth Frog Army: Herbstblatt, 10639
Largest Adremeri Army: NKfloofiepoof, 25
Largest Alagos Army: CoriaKeeper, 20
Largest Golden Alicanto Army: altan, 6
Largest [SB] Alphyns Army: Orange, 1456
Largest [Etainian] Alphyn Army: Orange, 851
Largest [Savannah] Alphyn Army: CrystalFeathers, 317
Largest Amagnae Army: Karzarill, 233
Largest [Hatchling] Amagne Army: Kestrad, 76
Largest [Silver] Amagnae Army: Ayakashi, 5046
Largest Amphiptere Army: Xenomorph, 14
Largest Amphista Army: DarrkestDrow, 6,976
Largest [Hatchling] [SB] Ammit Army: Faleep, 2121
Largest [White] Ammit Army: Mannimarco, 244
Largest Ammit Army: Camron927, 380
Largest Anaugi Army: Velocity, 6246
Largest Angora Jackalope Army: BeeNme, 38
Largest "Aquarium" Army: AutumnSolace, 4,717
Largest Arachnid Army: Windi1, 126
Largest Osseo Arachnid Army: Sienna, 222
Largest [SB] Fire Arkai: Revan, 540
Largest Arkai Army: SolarRush, 400
Largest Arkenian Kitsunne Army: Keolah, 500
Largest [SB] Ariessa Army: GenericDragon, 205
Largest Aselis Army: Lex, 611
Largest [Male] Ashen Shaa Army: Yui, 10
Largest [SB] Ashevors Army: Kestrad, 212
Largest Atramentum Army: freakazoid, 8
Largest Autumn Kirin Army: altan, 12
Largest Avrael Army: Wynterborne, 1670
Largest [SB] Axolotl Army: Sssasha, 887


Largest [Adult] Baku Army: Zunami, 816
Largest [QB] [Imperial and Serf] Beetles: randomname, 38
Largest "Bird" Army: Shakura, 4512
Largest Brontotherium Army: Akadia, 908
Largest [Hatchling and Adults] Dustbunny Army: slicing, 217
Largest Celestial Butterfly Army: ShyKiagana, 2291
Largest [Purple] Celestial Butterfly Army: Nexosa, 442


Largest Caeralis Army: AutumnSolace, 1,627
Largest Capricorn Army: yummyquik, 11,148
Largest Wikken Cats Army: Feuerfresser, 161
Largest Cehual Boar Army: SilverFalcon, 46
Largest Cervinus Deer Army: Grizz, 1082
Largest Cestoda Army: Kaon, 100
Largest Chestnut Kirin Army: randomname, 12
Largest Chimera Army: TxCat, 90
Largest [pre-crash] Chimera's with no [SB] parents: Imperialism, 14
Largest [Unfrozen] Cockatrice [Hatchling] Army: lordofthebutts, 179
Largest Christmas Creatures: randomname, 401
Largest [Adult] Cinersi Army: echo1234, 10
Largest [GB] Coal Wyrm Army [with breedings left]: Vipor, 20
Largest [Normal & Heartbreak] Corazin Army: freakazoid, 573
Largest [SB] Day & Night Crawlers Army: Inspirit, 163
Largest Creatures Born on Birthday Owned: firepaw60, 407
Largest Crocadilian Army (includes anklocrocs and soebeks): Zedxrgal, 127
Largest [GB] [2011] Crystalwing Army: Hawktalon, 16
Largest Crystalwing Army: Eirene, 323
Largest [DC] Crystalwing Army: ShenziSixaxis, 28
Largest [GB] Blue Crystalwings: Imperialism, 8
Largest [BRED] 2011 Crystalwings: ZackyBear, 77
Largest [Doni Born ] Elder Crystalwing army: Zzela, 26
Largest Komainu Crystalwing Army: Reima, 539
Largest Saerulis Crystalwing Army: Malitae, 244
Largest [SB and 1st generation] Saerulis Crystalwing Army: Mysfytt, 58
Largest [SB] Teiro Crystalwing Army: Lex, 1009


Largest Feather Drake Army: Reima, 515
Largest [Live] Decessus Army: RukiaAlbarn, 474
Largest [Live] Decessus Army [Hatchlings]: RhyfelwrDraig, 103
Largest [Dead] Decessus: RhyfelwrDraig, 276
Largest Delroch Army: FyFy, 19
Largest [1st Gen] Direcore Army: Chimera, 2153
Largest [Albino] Dire Wolf Army: razi, 1551
Largest [Albino] Direwolves with no [SB] parents: razi, 256
Largest [pre-crash] Albino Direwolves with no [SB] parents: Imperialism, 14
Largest Dire Wolf Army: CrystalFeathers, 4,663
Largest [Shop Born] Direwolf Army: Inspirit, 752
Largest [Unfrozen] Dismot [Hatchling] Army: lordofthebutts, 72
Largest [Adult] Donation Pets: Danafox, 565
Largest Donation Pets: Danafox, 901
Largest Donation Pets Without Having Donated: Feuerfresser, 252
Largest [Birthday-less] Donation Creatures: Imperialism, 26
Largest Donec Fish Army: TymyWymy, 376
Largest [Bred] Donec Fish Army: TymyWymy, 362
Largest Rosa Dove Army: kuramalover4ever, 344
Largest Ice Dragons born on the same date [December 4th]: Sssasha, 24
Largest "Dragon" Army [adults, hatchlings, eggs]: Discord, 470
Largest Old [Void + Celestial] Dragons: Alvin, 10
Largest Pygmy [Crystalwings and Gemdragons] Dragon Army: Windi1, 74
Largest Vasaeken Dragons Army [including eggs and hatchlings]: Valeyad, 24
Largest Dragon Turtle Army: Batman, 1138
Largest [Void] Dragon Army: Campari, 6
Largest [SB] Duckit Army: Kyrandia, 209


Largest Elephant Snail Army: NKfloofiepoof, 380
Largest [GB] Elk Army: altan, 79
Largest Elk Army: altan, 673
Largest [SB] Elephant Army: Jimmy, 5,882
Largest [Mohlaris] Elephant Army: Jimmy, 1820
Largest [Adult] Enox Army: tinnidawg, 203
Largest [Adult SB] Enox Army: tinnidawg, 185
Largest Equine Army: Nalani, 1,954


Largest Farir Army: Aerrow, 1486
Largest Felos Army: freakazoid, 65
Largest Northern Light Fox Army: ShyKiagana, 16
Largest [SB] Tenabre Fox Army: Silverwolf, 545


Largest Gryphon Army: PKGriffin, 2340
Largest Gryphon [hatchling] Army: Gingy, 752
Largest Bleeding Heart Gryphon Army: Volatile, 30
Largest [pre-crash] Fire Gryphons with no [SB] parents: Imperialism, 14
Largest [pre-crash] Ice Gryphons with no [SB] parents: imperialism, 14
Largest Taedan Gryphon Army: Meggle, 104


Largest "Halloween Born" Army [Adults, frozen/unfrozen hatchlings and frozen eggs]: SynthDetective, 386
Largest Hatchling Army: Akadia, 2,011
Largest Hellhound Army: CrystalFeathers, 306
Largest Hippocampus Army: triforce, 2228
Largest [SB] Hippocampi [Hatchling] Army: BBkat, 590
Largest Army of Coral [purple] Hippocampi: Desade, 53
Largest Trench [Blue] Hippocampus Army: Ayakashi, 2000
Largest Kelp [Green] Hippocampus Army: Shadowrose45, 350
Largest Hippogryph Army: AutumnSolace, 2900
Largest [Solar] Hippogryph Army: AlphaWolf, 2032
Largest [pre-crash] Hippogryph's with no [SB] parents: Imperialism, 14
Most [pre-crash] Lunar Hippogryph's with no [SB] parents: Imperialism, 14
Most [pre-crash] Solar Hippogryph's with no [SB] parents: Imperialism, 14
Largest Hollowjack Herd: Vipor, 5,262
Largest [Blue Morph] Hollowjack Herd [at 0.00%]: Vipor, 31
Largest Hummingbirds Army: Nexosa, 2477
Most [pre-crash] Hybrids with no [SB] parents: Imperialism, 112
Largest [SB] Hybrid Army: Vipor, 602
Largest [Fire] Hydra Army: narunii, 150
Largest [SB] Hydras Army: DarknessHuntress, 243


Largest Ibex Army: Azeekiyal, 802
Largest Icist army (This including adults and hatchlings): MythicalDragon, 43
Largest Rose Imps: odstbuck, 415


Largest [Angora] Jackalopes: BeeNme, 430
Largest [Holly] Jackalope Army: Lex, 976
Largest SB Holly Jackalope Army: Lex, 995


Largest Karst Gemfrog [Hatchling] Army: hazelnut, 235
Largest Keep With No Frozens: altan, 2,533
Largest Keep Rat Army: SynthDetective, 3
Largest Kitsune Army: Kitsuune, 5067
Largest [Fire] Kitsune Army: Ruzio, 52
Largest [SB] [Fire] Kitsune Army: salt, 80
Largest [Ice] [SB] Kitsune Army: salt, 51
Largest [Old] Kirin Army: altan, 16
Largest Koi Army: GrowlingCupcake, 3277
Largest [Caught] Pond Koi Army: Mars, 66
Largest [Live SB] Koi Hatchling Army: MadameRed, 541
Largest [Adult SB] Koi Army: Valden, 200
Largest [Dragon] Koi Army: Xenomorph, 232
Largest Kollinus Army: CinnaminDraconna, 178
Largest [Family] Kollinus Army: CinnaminDraconna, 67
Largest [Parentless] Kollinus Army: CinnaminDraconna, 39
Largest Kraken Army: TNHawke, 2788
Largest Ice Kracken Army: Yellowfang, 51
Largest [Male] Kuras Tiger Army: Ayakashi, 52
Largest Kuras Tiger [Hatchlings]: Riraito, 3
Largest [Adult] Krysos Army: OkamiNeko, 47


Largest Leviathan Navy: ellysketchit, 8,034
Largest [pre-crash] Ocean Leviathans with no [SB] parents: imperialism, 14
Largest [Adult] Lunar Fox Army: Destrauxe, 7
Largest Lunestre Dragon Army: Inspirit, 1935


Largest Manticore Army: Azeekiyal, 968
Largest [Doni Born] Voro Manticore Army: KittyLune, 38
Largest [SB] Meowl Army: freakazoid, 588
Largest Mortifelis Army: freakazoid, 78
Largest Minicorn Army: randomname, 2160
Largest Amberspice Mice Army: Vipor, 2377
Largest [Adult] Savis Mice Army: Vipor, 1580
Largest Adult Mist Stalker Army: Utena, 11,900
Largest Mohrior Army: Feuerfresser, 50


Largest Nandi Bear Army: AlphaWolf, 2487
Largest Narwhal Army: Rosehill, 3433
Largest [Dark] Narwhal Army: Rosehill, 3321
Largest [SB] [Light] Narwhal Army: Rosehill, 86
Largest [GB] Nimikoolah Army: freakazoid, 52
Largest Nikollus Army: Reima, 1779
Largest [SB] Nulorn Army: Zedxrgal, 69
Largest Nulorn Army: HiddenMystic, 228
Largest [Tundra] Nulorn Army: HiddenMystic, 228


Largest [release date] Onrosus Army [including hatchlings & adults]: puggles, 27
Largest [SB] Razan Orchid Army: masterkotaro, 1,025
Largest [Donation] Owl Army [Including frozen eggs, frozen hatchlings, and 1st gens]: Revan, 90
Largest Army of [Hatchling] Luteus Owl: Tyriagris, 26


Largest Red Panda Army: Chess, 31
Largest [SB] Paervem Army: NKfloofiepoof, 324
Largest [SB] Telvian Panther Army: BBkat, 2434
Largest Telvian Panther [Hatchling] Army: hazelnut, 377
Largest Dark Pegasi army: HiddenMystic, 3580
Largest Light Pegasi Army: HiddenMystic, 5293
Largest Pegasus Army: HiddenMystic, 8873
Largest Pinto Pegasus Army: HiddenMystic, 668
Largest [Dateless] Pegasus Army: HiddenMystic, 35
Largest Phoenix Army: Tinni, 2482
Largest [Parentless] Phoenix Army: Tinni, 1844
Largest [Fire] Phoenix Army: Tinni, 2235
Largest [Parentless] Ice Phoenix Army: Tinni, 122
Largest Peacock Phoenix Army: Kestrad, 20
Largest Pygmy Phoenix Army: RhyfelwrDraig, 1443
Largest [Voltarian] Phoenix Army: Marta, 87
Largest Pisa Birds Army [Hatchlings]: Batman, 65
Largest [Adult] Lakiran Platypus Army: Morgaln, 326
Largest [Hatchling] Platypus Army: Lia, 484
Largest [SB] Potooto Army: Faleep, 6063
Largest Puvia Army: Mazzi, 7496


Largest Quetzalcoatl Army: rallis, 215


Largest Raven Army: Corvus, 259
Largest Yatagarasu Raven Army: Sienna, 110
Largest Raznak Army: Synchronized, 26
Largest Rewin Dragon Army: Kitsuune, 213
Largest [Ancient] Rewin Army: Magius, 552
Largest [Light] Raiju Army: BlueEyedWolf, 13
Largest Pet Rocks Army: RhyfelwrDraig, 32


Largest Sanus Army: Chimera, 14
Largest [SB] Sarvain Army: LunatheDragoness, 1628
Largest [SB] [Black] Sarvain Army: Silverwolf, 20
Largest [Named] Scarab Army: 1Anioh, 1,000
Largest army of [SB] [Steam and Shop]Seahorses: NKfloofiepoof, 212
Largest [Shop Born] Dark Serendin Army: Leorobin, 189
Largest {Silt + Mottled] Seroiles Army: Chess, 164
Largest [ Mixed Breeds ] Serpaen Army: Faedemon, 39
Largest [SB] Silvian Alphyn Army: Faeryl, 289
Largest Army of Skellions: Tyriagris, 108
Largest Skioros Army: altan, 32
Largest [SB] Foxfire Skulks: Marta, 842
Largest [SB] Moss Snail Army: Fishbone, 284
Largest [Adult] Soebek Army: TxCat, 42
Largest Sapphire Somniant [non frozen hatchlings + adults]: puggles, 59
Largest Soladis Swans Army: RukiaAlbarn, 27
Largest The Snake Pit: Jimmy, 3603
Largest Keep Spider Army: RhyfelwrDraig, 20
Largest Alvean Thornweb Spider Horde: Vipor, 2709
Largest [Hatchling] Alvean Thornweb Spider Horde [at 0.00%]: Vipor, 205
Largest [Hatchling] Spinetail Army: Nepetaleijon, 6


Largest Talvar Army: ertdf, 2686
Largest [SB] Talvar Hatchling Army: Lex, 1157
Largest Tasharn Army: yummyquik, 102
Largest Temple Dogs Army: TxCat, 46
Largest Tenera Dog Army: Wolfsiste, 162
Largest Thunderbird Army: Chess, 287
Largest Tienko Army: Yellowfang, 17
Largest Tinsel Army: Shadowrose45, 34
Largest [GB] Tinsel Army: Vipor, 20
Largest Torveus Dragon Army: AutumnSolace, 362
Largest Tylluan (Donation) Army: Echidna, 37
Largest [Shopborn] Tundra Tylluan Army: ertdf, 298


Largest Frost and Earth Unicorns: Phoenixwildfire, 74
Largest Forgotten Unicorn Army: SunsetVWF026, 510
Largest Saebra Unicorn Army: Phoenixwildfire, 127
Largest Sea Unicorn: Reima, 175
Largest Uhyz Army: Chess, 243


Largest Valcerian Dragon Army: Souleater, 8
Largest Valentine Recolors Army: hikariangelwings, 129
Largest [Adult] SB Vasant Beetles: Eirene, 3194
Largest Live SB Vasant Beetle Hatchling Army: MadameRed, 536
Largest Vevex Ray Army: SunsetGuardian, 169
Largest Viridis Crab Army: Jinzeiu, 1,679
Largest Viyasant Army [Donation and Chocolate, all/any stages]: hikariangelwings, 18
Largest Vosmari Army: FyFy, 43


Largest [Live] Black Winged Cat Army: Reinscrya, 4417
Largest Winged Cat Army [including frozens]: Ktanaqui, 3284
Largest [Number of Adult] Winged Cats Army: Reinscrya, 4475
Largest [Number of Hatchling] Winged Cats [Frozen & Unfrozen] Army: Ktanaqui, 5101
Largest [SB] Borean Wolf Army: vipor, 100
Largest Spectral Wolf Army: SynthDetective, 4
Largest Mixed-Gen Coal Wyrm Army: Nightshadow, 133
Largest Coal Wyrm Army: Beckster, 113
Largest [SB] Pearl Wyrm Army: Sssasha, 1504
Largest [Adult] Gold Pearl Wyrm army: Pshawraven, 20
Largest Wyvern Army: audioburst, 80
Largest [Cobalt] Wyvern Army: razi, 10


Largest Xand Bear Army: Zeilera, 3186
Largest Xisitak Army: MagieSpex, 3093
Largest Xocomel Army: sarahjazz, 85


Largest Yale Army: Aralas, 123


Largest Zirafaa Hatchling Army: Lia, 1008
Largest [Adults] Zirafaa Army: Lia, 834

Frozen Section

:.Hatchling Armies.:

Most Creatures Frozen [at 100.00%]: Zzela, 1500
Most Creatures Frozen [at 99.99%]: HappyCat, 489
Most Creatures Frozen [at 50.00%]: AutumnSolace, 10
Most Frozen Adults that have 3 Stages: TigerSoul, 7
Largest Variety of Frozen Hatchlings [including gender differences]: bett132, 425
Largest Variety of Frozen Hatchlings [not including gender differences]: Danafox, 189
Largest [0.00% percent] Frozen Hatchling Army: Lex, 376
Most Frozen Hatchlings: narunii, 5598
Most Frozen Abeoth Frog Hatchlings: Herbstblatt, 500
Most Frozen Axolotl Hatchlings: andypie1010, 27
Most Frozen Xand Bear Hatchlings: Eirene, 72
Most Frozen Cehual Boar Hatchlings: narunii, 63
Most Frozen [All Colors] Celestial Butterfly Hatchlings: Celery, 201
Most Frozen Wikken Cat Hatchlings: narunii, 59
Most Frozen Winged Cat hatchlings [both colours]: Ktanaqui, 802
Most Frozen Daycrawler/ Nightcrawler Hatchlings: SwanRaven, 63
Most Frozen Cervinus Deer Hatchlings: narunii, 475
Most Frozen Direcore Hatchlings: narunii, 73
Most Frozen Direwolf Hatchlings: narunii, 311
Most Frozen Dragon Turtle Hatchlings: Merion, 357
Most Frozen Flames Army [Frozen Silsia,Gamilara,Cardinal Phoenix eggs]: Sienna, 467
Most Frozen [SB] Tenabre Fox Hatchlings: Revan, 545
Most Frozen Lunestre Dragon Hatchlings: Blackwidow, 424
Most Frozen [Sapphire/Ruby/Mohlaris] Elephant Hatchlings: Kipwi, 32
Most Frozen Giftborn Hatchlings: GamingGal, 11
Most Frozen Gryphon Hatchlings: Nexosa, 2066
Most Frozen Hellhound Hatchlings: narunii, 116
Most Frozen Hippocampus Hatchlings: Yunyi, 225
Most Frozen Hippogryph Hatchlings: narunii, 483
Most Frozen Ice Octopus: Tatsukichi, 35
Most Frozen SB Jackalope Hatchlings: Reinscrya, 118
Most Frozen Jackalope Hatchlings: Nexosa, 1540
Most Frozen Kitsune Hatchlings: narunii, 743
Most Frozen Kitty Hatchlings: Kitsuune, 681
Most Frozen Koi Hatchlings: Nutterboy, 307
Most Frozen Kraken Hatchlings: TNHawke, 4041
Most Frozen King Foenaran Nimbii [Hatchling] Army: Sourikus, 61
Most Frozen Osath Hatchlings: narunii, 857
Most Frozen Pearl Leviathan Hatchlings: narunii, 296
Most frozen [Hatchlings] Mohrior: Revan, 49
Male Frozen Green Ornamental Penguin Hatchling Army [2nd Gen]: crazyflight, 10
Most Frozen [Baby] Moss Snails: PhoenixFireDream, 46
Most Frozen Talvar Hatchlings: Phoenixwildfire, 100
Most Frozen Vetus Hatchlings: narunii, 44

:.Egg Armies.:

Most Variety of Frozen Eggs: hazelnut, 583
Most DP eggs: Batman, 144
Most Frozen Eggs: SynthDetective, 18718
Most Frozen Eggs at 0.00%: SynthDetective, 12953
Most Frozen Abeoth Frog Eggs: Eriene, 266
Most Frozen Arkai Eggs: RobotChimera, 1636
Most Frozen [Red] Kitsune Eggs: Silverwolf, 469
Most Frozen Arkenian Kitsune Eggs: KallenTu, 300
Most Frozen Amagnae Eggs: Koishi, 1269
Most Frozen SB Amphista Eggs [at 0.00%]: crazyflight, 3,816
Most Frozen SB [0.00%] Eggs of a Single Variety: crazyflight, 3,816
Most Frozen Anaugi Eggs: FIRE, 1,040
Most Frozen Ashevor Eggs [at 0.00%]: CinnaminDraconna, 2,530
Most Frozen Axolotl Eggs: SynthDetective, 100
Most Frozen Taijitu Beetle Eggs [at 0.00%]: SwanRaven, 101
Most Frozen SB Christmas Eggs [at 0.00%]: SynthDetective, 291
Most Frozen Coati Eggs [at 0.00%]: puggles, 318
Most Frozen Saerulis Crystalwing Eggs: Malitae, 241
Most Frozen Decessus Eggs [Halloween at 0.00%]: SynthDetective, 375
Most Frozen Decessus Eggs: SynthDetective, 2611
Most Frozen Dire Wolf Eggs: Bloodjade, 1295
Most Frozen Crycoris Drakeling Egg Army: BirdyThePhoenix, 614
Most Frozen Glyceris Drakeling Egg Army: BirdyThePhoenix, 131
Most Frozen Dragon Turtle Eggs: SunsetGuardian, 150
Most Frozen Foxfire Skulk Eggs: Marta, 904
Most Frozen Gryphon Eggs: Infernette, 1685
Most Frozen Jackalope Eggs: Queen of Nowhere, 400
Most Frozen Koi Eggs: KooshyKoKo, 2442
Most Frozen Kordaetis Elephant Eggs [Both Colors] [at 0.00%]: Faleep, 367
Most Frozen Krysos Eggs: Smallguy25, 437
Most Frozen Lunestra Dragon Eggs: ragdoll, 988
Most Frozen Mist Stalker Eggs: Shadowfrost, 535
Most Frozen Mortefelis Eggs [at 0.00%]: SynthDetective, 753
Most Frozen SB Moss Snail Eggs [at 0.00%]: whiteouthorizon, 100
Most Frozen Nandi Bear Eggs [at 0.00%]: Wentura, 513
Most Frozen Oblivian Pillagebeasts: RhyfelwrDraig, 119
Most Frozen Pearl Wrym Eggs: whiteouthorizon, 8565
Most Frozen Sleighbell Confara Pegasus Eggs [at 0.00%]: SynthDetective, 96
Most Frozen Wreath Confara Pegasus Eggs [at 0.00%]: SynthDetective, 85
Most Frozen Phoenix Eggs: l337Lorelei, 966
Most Frozen Pygmy Phoenix Eggs: Marionette, 420
Most Frozen Platypus Eggs [at 0.00%]: Ivan, 2785
Most SB Frozen Puvia eggs [at 0.00%]: SynthDetective, 1377
Most Frozen Sarvain Eggs [at 0.00%]: SwnyTddObsd, 1660
Most Frozen Savis Mice Eggs [at 0.00%]: Faleep, 652
Mos Frozen Somniant eggs [Both colors] [at 0.00%]: Faleep, 549
Most Frozen Ruby Somniant Eggs [at 0.00%]: TheElementalist, 750
Most Frozen Talvar Eggs: SunsetGuardian, 100
Most Frozen Vassant Beetle Eggs: Eirene, 1679
Most Frozen Vevex Ray Eggs: NepetaLeijon, 394
Most Frozen Winged Kitty Eggs [both colors]: Ktanaqui, 364
Most Frozen Winged Cat Eggs [White only]: Caseycatjasper, 110
Most Frozen Emerald Wyvern Eggs: Reinscrya, 116
Most Frozen Xand Bear Eggs: Eirene, 205

Lineage Records

Owner of the first lineage without any offspring: Faeryl
Most females born to a lineage in a row: HiddenMystic/Imperialism, 11 (651th gen on 4/5/19 to 547th on 5/2/19--in Imp's We Remember lineage)
Most males born to a lineage in a row: HiddenMystic, 16 (Imp's We Remember lineage - 591st gen to 607th gen)
Longest Lineage in MagiStream: HiddenMystic/Imperialism, 609th generations
Most Lineages Owned [including progenitors and members]: CinnaminDraconna, 2320
Largest Non-DarkSea Lineage: Eirene, 3691 members, 106 generations
Longest Non-Inbred Black Cat Lineage: Reinscrya, 191 generations, 250 Members
Most Species in a Lineage: Mathcat, 50
Largest number of Lineaged Creatures owned: CinnaminDraconna, 8267
Most Progenitor Pairs owned: CinnaminDraconna, 497

Misc. Records


Fastest Art Auction: Gingy, 2 minutes 13 secs
Most Pets To Be put in a Free Auction: Riverfox, 170


Longest Time Without Producing an Albino: aurora37, 2 years
Longest Time Without Producing Offspring [Crystalwing]: Nutterboy, 23 Times
Longest Successful Breeding Chain [Bronze Crystalwing]: Cynthia, 5 Times
Longest Successful Breeding Chain [Tevera Enox]: yuniorzack, 3 times
Longest Chain Breed of Direwolves: MenaSiletye, 7
Longest Time with a GB Tinsel Wyrm not Bred: l337Lorelei and MadameRed, December 25th, 2009
Longest Time with a GB Coal Wyrm not Bred: HiddenMystic, DragonHerder, and Nightshadow, December 25th, 2009
Longest Time with a GB Elk not Bred: HiddenMystic, December 25th, 2009
Longest time with a GB Calidaes Reindeer not bred: SynthDetective, December 19th, 2011


Most Opposite-Gendered Names: aral78, 6
Highest Gen DarkSea [21st Gen]: revolnogard, 1
Donation/GB Future-Pets: Phoenixwildfire, 26, Tuesday, December 31, 2069
Largest number of Parentless QuestBorns: Enchanteddil, 207
Otrovian Amagnae with the Highest Toxicity: ZephyrDrake, 66.18
Otrovian Amagnae with the Lowest Toxicity: Karzarill, 34.92
FIRST and LAST Donation Pet of 2015: Shadowrose45
Largest Variety of Un/Frozen Hatchlings [incl. gender differences]: sellerie, 1451


First squirrel pair on Magi [hatching in 15 minutes]: Batman
First Ibex in the Nursery Guardian lineage: DracoSpectrum
First Capricorn in the Nursery Guardian lineage: DracoSpectrum
First [Bred] Black Skulk: JayZX535


Oldest Active Member: KAL, May 16th, 2009
Oldest MagiStream User (Age): rsmpat, 79
Oldest Pet: Tristan, Damien the Koi, #1
Oldest Voltarian Alphyn: Birthday: MadHattery, Thursday, September 24, 2009


Most Lines of Code: Tristan, 12894
Most Users Banned: Morgaln, 265
Largest Collection of things to be Gifted [To any one person]: Mythicaldragon, 520 4everdragon Gifted To Mythicaldragon
Most Signature Set Freebies: Buckbeak, 16
Largest collection gifted: tinnidawg, 1000 Koi
Longest Time of Drunkeness: Pariah, 2 hours 23 minutes
Largest amount of shards at any given time: Sanne, 984 shards
Longest Time with the Same Avatar: RhyfelwrDraig, October 11th, 2009


Most Active RP In # of Days: Rewydew, 900
Most replies in a Private Role Play: barbconn and SilverFox, 912 pages and 9114 replies


Most times edited topic post: TempleGuardians, 2,366
Most edited daycare for codes in first post: Eirene, 326 times
Thread edited the most times: shedragon, 816
Most Posts Per Day: Sarduligan, 185
Guild with the most members: The Everything Pokemon Guild, 171 members
Longest-running art shop: Cassowary, June 15th, 2011
Most Times Shop Remodeled [Edits]: Krynn, 66
Has 178 posts and joined today: Yellow
Oldest Active LTB: Zzela, July 10th, 2010
Oldest Continuously Operated Shop: RemiIronstaff, May 2010
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Re: [] Magistream Records [] - Closed for the moment

Postby Utena » November 21st, 2010, 12:14:12 am


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Re: [] Magistream Records [] - Closed for the moment

Postby Utena » November 21st, 2010, 12:43:25 am


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Re: [] Magistream Records [] - Closed for the moment

Postby Utena » November 21st, 2010, 1:04:49 am

.::Banners and Links::.
A page covered with small images lies before you. You watch in wonder as one of the images begins to float off the page, landing in your hand. Words appear on the page. "I need to increase the knowledge I hold. If you can help me by showing this to other's, you will of aided Magi everywhere."



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Re: [] Magistream Records []

Postby Zzela » November 21st, 2010, 10:15:23 am

Can we post now?

If not, I am terribly sorry, I'll ask someone to delete mine or do something ^^;;
Thank you for making this topic, I'm sure many people missed it so much :)

I'd like to update my record..

Username: ZzelaBusya
Record being Updated: most creatures frozen at 100.00% - now 142 xD
Proof: user/zzelabusya/100-Percent

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Re: [] Magistream Records []

Postby AutumnSolace » November 21st, 2010, 1:34:20 pm

^Yeah, same here XD;

Username: AutumnSolace
Record being Updated: Largest Hippogryph Army--Now at least 600 and counting. :woo:
Proof: My Naturals, Lunars, and Solars tabs in my Keep. :3
to be updated
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Re: [] Magistream Records []

Postby Atuin » November 21st, 2010, 1:41:35 pm

I have a Record!
Username: Atuin
Record: 809
Information on Record: 0% Frozen Sarvain eggs
Proof of Record:
Sarvania Tab
Beyond Sarvania Tab
...All would love to be clicked...
My FR user name is: Lapinporokoira (Wind)
My DC User name is: Atuin
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Re: [] Magistream Records []

Postby freakazoid » November 21st, 2010, 1:46:16 pm

Username: Yellow
Record being Updated: Largest Winged Cat army (including frozens) - now at a menacing 1,117 kittehs. >:3
. Image Image Image Image Image .
Selling shards 50k/shard or cats/koalas
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Re: [] Magistream Records []

Postby DevilCrest » November 21st, 2010, 1:50:01 pm

Username: DevilCrest
Record being Updated: Largest SB Telvian Panther Army - now at 1000

Got some more, but I have to count them. :P LIkely close to 1500 or so. XD



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