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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Dr Starchild » May 13th, 2020, 3:26:33 pm

I'm looking for all kinds of Shop creatures, even bred ones!
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Saatkraehe » May 14th, 2020, 7:03:39 am

My Wishlist

Username: Saatkraehe
Birthday: 26. September




Thank you for the gifted creatures <3

I'm fairly new so I don't know all that creatures that are around. Still have to check the bestiary to edit all the sections later. Mostly I would like to get all kinds of dinosaurs, ravens, wolfs, rats and dragons. I also like fiery, icy, nature and creepy, bloody, undead stuff
Here I'm gonna put down those I like best:
simply wow: Mohrior
Dinosaurs:Maraegian Nizari Yoaxu
Ravens:Yatagarasu Raven Corax Raven Os Raven
Rats: Dead Decessus Female Decessus
Wolf: Male Luparies
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My MagiStream Wishlist

I love ravens, rats, cats, wolves, dragons and dinosaurs. Especially dinosaurs.
I also like creepy, fiery and icy things.
Still have to check the bestiary to see which creatures would fit those categories
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Alysse » May 15th, 2020, 5:13:38 pm

Hello Everybody ! :)
A big thanks <3 for every people who gifted me ♥ I am currently at --> 25/25

Thank you so much everybody <3

I wish you have an amazing event, for all of you, plenty of flowers and gifts ! ^^

Alysse wrote:I don't really have a wishlist, but here are all the creatures I don't have already, regardless of their rarities (I do not ask for anything really rare or wealthy, it's just a list of what is missing from my bestiary ^^ )
I absolutely don't care if they are breeds or not, I am cool with lineages, too.
... But please, I just wouldn't like anything frozen (It's creeps me out, a little x) )


Quests :

Hybrids/ Breed :

Pond :

Event :

Shops :

Donation :

"Specials" ? :

That enormous list ! :woo:
I would be happy with any of them :) Thanks if you checked it !
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Warriorcatkitty » June 20th, 2020, 12:55:21 pm


Username: Warriorcatkitty
Birthday: June 24th

I just want any and all canines or felines! I also love unicorns, pegasus, and the Rabbitsune! (Also I'd love to have the Temple Cat or Temple Runner <3)
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Franou » June 22nd, 2020, 12:48:22 pm

My Wishlist

Username : Franou
Birthday : 15th November


Stream (SB) :

Shop (SB) :

Hybrid (1st gen or SB) :

Pond (SB) :

Quest (SB) :

Event (SB) :




Gold is always welcome, but thank you for any gift <3 :wave:
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