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Re: Wishlists All Around

PostPosted: February 18th, 2017, 4:42:01 pm
by RobotChimera
My Wishlist

Username: RobotChimera
Birthday: March 3

Here's my impossible wishlist.


SB Hybrid:
Any SB hybrid to add to the hoard. (Black Sarvain, Pink Mohlaris Elephant, and Chocolate Viridis Crab, ect. do NOT count as SB hybrids)

ImageUnnamed 0.00% Mohrior Egg

ImageFemale SB Tinsel Wyrm
ImageM/F GB Blue Crystalwings
ImageF GB Frigaes Reindeer

SB Donation:
ImageSB Void Dragon
ImageImageM/F SB Gold Crystalwings
ImageImageM/F SB Purple Crystalwings
SB Stuff i'm missing from here (note: I only collect adults. Hatchlings may be there for amusement but are not a serious collection)

0.00% Frozen egg i'm missing - just Snow Dragon, Cibeus Crab, Yellow Pygmy Phoenix, Mohrior, Domestic Amagnae and Otrovian Amagnae now.


Frozen Caterpillar hatchlings under 10% - can be ANY caterpillar. see my current hoard for caterpillars. Bred caterpillars are fine as long as I can freeze them.


Nothing really. Not a fan of bred creatures (excluding hoarded stuff) since I like to breed them myself from my own SB parents.

Re: Wishlists All Around

PostPosted: February 24th, 2017, 6:02:37 pm
by AuraDragoness
My Wishlist

Username: AuraDragoness
Birthday: March 12




Quest: (can be parentless or bred)


Donation: (can be parentless or bred)


I don't care about generations or if they are inbred, just no lineages/families please.

Please nothing undead with blood and stuff (like Deceasus and Mortifelis), creatures like that creep me out. Same with Hollowjacks, I don't want any of those either since they too, creep me out. Also, please no insects since I'm not too fond of them ^^;

Re: Wishlists All Around

PostPosted: April 13th, 2017, 1:28:30 pm
by Rhia
My Wishlist

Username: Rhia

*The list is up to date.*

SB or Bred:








All time favorites:
elks, deer, cat-like, rat-like, wolf-like, elephant-like, horse-like, goat-like creatures.
And lineage creatures. ^_^
lineages of which I already have members:

And I'm always looking for these creatures for my lineages:
(SB or 1st gen)
Abyssal Seahorses
Albino Direcore
Asesina Orcae
Cervinus Deer
Ouranian Koi
Volcanic Seahorses
White Elks


Please no spiders, insects, Amphista, Fabari and frozen eggs!
Thank you!



I would like...
A custom CSS would be wonderful. :t-^_^:

Re: Wishlists All Around

PostPosted: April 13th, 2017, 1:57:48 pm
by WillowA

Re: Wishlists All Around

PostPosted: April 13th, 2017, 2:05:52 pm
by rallis
My Wishlist

- Crystalwings of all kinds
- Torveus Dragons
- Elemental Hydras
- Christmas coatls
- Glyceris/Crycoris Drakelings

- Pygmy Gemdragons/Crystalwings of all kinds
- Quetzalcoatls
- Settian Drakelings
- Prasinis Wyrms
- Ptiera Crystalwings
- Golden Pearl Wyrms
- Tinsel/Damascus/Gold/Diamond Wyrms

- Quetzalcoatls

- See my "About Me"

Re: Wishlists All Around

PostPosted: May 5th, 2017, 10:55:01 am
by SuishoKasumi
My Wishlist

Username: SuishoKasumi
Birthday: December 21st


SB/Bred (I don't really care):

Stream: Anything I don't have 3 unrelated M/F pairs of. Also any Sryllian Fry is always welcome, of any stage, percentage, streamborn or not, frozen or not.
Shop: Anything I don't have an unrelated M/F pair of, but especially creatures from Dark and Water shops
Hybrid: Anything I don't have an unrelated M/F pair of
Pond: Any Aurean Globefish, any Amethyst Koi, male Dragon Koi, male Goldfish and male Charaen
Quest: Nareaun Quetzalcoatl, Pink and Yellow Rose Imps, and anything from retired quests (except for Ice Kitsune). Opposite gender partners for the creatures I already have are also welcome.
Event: Anything from before December 2016 (except for most Pygmy Phoenixes - I only lack a male blue one - as well as female Golden Sonerus Dragon, male Flos Jackalope and female Brown Amagnae), 2017 Halloween and Harvest Festival creatures, and Corona Arkai
Gift: Anything that is not a Nimikoolah
Donation: Any
Extra: I try to collect at least one adult male/female unrelated pair of each non-donation creature if possible (up to 3 m/f pairs for stream/breedable events/creatures that produce hybrids), as well as a frozen egg+frozen mf hatchlings+unfrozen mf hatchlings set for any breedable non-doni.


I would like...
Some gold will be always welcome

Re: Wishlists All Around

PostPosted: May 6th, 2017, 5:38:53 pm
by Real
My Wishlist

Username: Real
Birthday: I'm a stubborn Capricorn born on 29th of December

For those who gift when we have the option enabled, please send only One gift per person...

Before getting to my wishlist - please note that I'm not fond of dogs and canidaes in any shape, way, or form, so I'd really appreciate it if you never sent me any.

This applies to both parentless and bred creatures.

Stream: none - I usually get these myself
Shop: any
Hybrid: any
Pond: any
Quest: the Candle Ayotis are my favorite but any are fine just as well
Event: in general I prefer the Halloween and Christmas creatures
Gift: Damascus/Golden Tinsel Wyrm
Donation: Pumpkin Wyrm hatchies for my not so big army <3
Special: any
Extra: I prefer unfrozen hatchies over everything else

Re: Wishlists All Around

PostPosted: May 6th, 2017, 8:12:29 pm
by Reima
My Wishlist

Username: Reima
Birthday: 3rd of October

Stream: Borean Wolves, Feather Drakes Diamond/Opal Kirin [Not bred]
Shop: Any - Elemental ones preferred (as I have no access to them)
Hybrid: Simurgh, any of the gem kirins (Please no bred Opal/Diamond)
Pond: Any
Quest: Nicori
Event: Nikollus, Pandorum, Tidal Wraethe, Flint/Oaxacan Citellan
Gift: Wikken Cats~ Though any is fine
Donation: Any

Nothing else really. I'd say that I'll probably add stuff later if needed~
I do fancy me some parentless critters, but anything listed here can be bred, except for the Stream Creatures
Also would prefer to not receive any other stream creatures than the ones listed~ Sorry

And I must say, that the creatures in here are just to give it a little more variety x2 I'm not sure what I do with the other creatures yet, but I pretty much only Collect Nikollus so yeah xD Puppies~

No Decessus or Mortifelis Thank you~

Re: Wishlists All Around

PostPosted: May 6th, 2017, 10:05:16 pm
by JadaNae
I have retired from the site

Re: Wishlists All Around

PostPosted: May 10th, 2017, 1:07:13 am
by Dancingstar
My Wishlist

Username: Dancingstar
Birthday: 09/26



Stream: Hedgehogs please!
Shop: Raiti Seal, Calidim, Tarax, Numbul, Euphotic Dunkleosteus, Bathyal Dunkleosteus, Regal Glesvaerid and a Creeper.
Hybrid: N/A
Pond: Solar Koi
Quest: Yellow Rose Imp,
Event: Krampen Beast
Gift: Any would be appreciated
Donation: Anything!
Extra: retired pets would be a gift, but not necessary as they’re super expensive. I hoard Flying Pigs!



Stream: Nothing, please.
Shop: Everything listed above, nothing from the darkshop please.
Hybrid: Anything!
Pond: Anything!
Quest: Anything!
Event: Anything!
Gift: Anything!
Donation: Anything!
Special: Anything!
Extra: Anything!


Other: Don't be afraid to give me bred pets, I really don't care.

I would like...