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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby birch » December 18th, 2018, 4:08:58 am

I'll be simple, I love any type of gift! Because they're special and make me feel loved :)

But I would have to say I love any type of hairy animal: Canines, cats, goats, horses, hybrids, fox, and reindeer especially. Bugs are my least favorite but I don't mind either way <3

edit** I forgot to mention, any type of water creature <3 I lurf me some finned babes :>

Doni pets are always welcome and loved in my keep as well as donations of gold in any amount <3

I don't have many gifts to give away but the ones I do have are all going to find their new homes because of this thread :3
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All clicks are greatly appreciated <3

Some of the pets you see/click I will be giving away or selling so if you're interested just shoot me a PM. I have flexible, cheap pricing!
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Drachenschwinge » December 18th, 2018, 5:19:33 am

SB/1.Gen Serendins
QB/1.Gen Quetzalcoatls
SB Leviathans
1.Gen Hybrid Levis
SB Pearl Wyrms
1.Gen Hybrid Pearl Wyrms
SB Torveus Dragons
SB Corax/Yatagarasu Ravens

QB female Hellhound

SB Male Purple Creeper
SB Female Blue Creeper

Gold and Damascus Wyrms

Still need a pair of Ice Kitsune. Can be 1.Gen since GBs are far too expensive :)

Difficult Stuff: Can be bred <3

Kind of accidently hoarding these xD
Void Dragon/Celestial Dragon
Ice Dragons
Vasaeken Dragons
Atrox Dragons
And any Doni I currently don't own <3 user/Drachenschwinge/Donis

Anything born on 16th April ^-^
Any Lineages I currently don't own!
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Lupus » December 18th, 2018, 5:47:26 am

My Wishlist

Would love to get creatures out of the black market,Artificer shop, Dark Shop and Water Shop.
Generation does not matter.

Thank you all :)
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby PHANTOM » December 18th, 2018, 6:54:26 am

My Wishlist:

Its very simpel then:

- Gold / Silver Daimond Wyrms please

- Prasinis Wyrm

- Dust Bunnys

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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby GeistStorm » December 18th, 2018, 7:02:05 am

never asked for things really before but here goes...
My Wishlist

Username: GeistStorm
Birthday: May, 29th

basically if it's cute, pretty, cat/bun/wolf/fox related, i'd love it.
if it's ghost related, i'd love it.
if it's got a purple/silver/blue/green color scheme, i'd love it.
i'm pretty easy really. ^^;

as to a particular wishful thinking request, some "oh, for Me??! :t-swoon: " critters would be:
a fem ornamental blue penguin (unbred or at least one breeding left) to go with my guy
any ghost/celestial/big cat/wolf related donation pets
any of the prettier dragon-ish critters out there

if you want something more specific, i have a list on my actual profile.
danke/thank you/gracias/merci! in advance.
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Thank you.
~Sincerely, GeistStorm

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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Rattyfleef » December 18th, 2018, 10:47:38 am

GIFTING TIME :D :D :D *goes through thread*
Potootoo Patch!
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Kyberos » December 18th, 2018, 12:49:37 pm

All: Felines, Canines, Foxes, Dragons, Crystalwings, Spooky Creatures.
Doni: Bellon Moebian Fox, Ghost Leopard ,Pumpkin Wyrm ,Fenrir ,Moonlight Spectral Wolf ,Northern Light Fox ,Eclipse Spectral Wolf ,Pacis Moebian Fox ,Temple Cat / Temple Dog ,Spinetail ,Black Tienko ,Rekel
6/25 Gifts! Thank you very much folks!
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Yoyosoul » December 18th, 2018, 1:00:01 pm

I feel bad but this is going to be a long list. Note, the creatures can be bread.

Fire Gryphon, Ice Phoenix, Ice Gryphon, Ocean Leviathan, Storm Leviathan, Light Narwhal, Albino Direwolf, Chupacabra, Arkenian Kitsune, Chimera, Emerald Wyvern, Roc, Hippogryph, Lunar Hippogryph, Solar Hippogryph, Silvian Alphyn, Nareaun Quetzalcoatl, Etainian Quetzalcoatl, Raza Quetzalcoatl, Rewin Dragon, Noctis Enox, Niveus Enox, Tenera Dog, Tidal Capricorn, Amethyst Capricorn, Meridian Capricorn, Hallow Capricorn, Anaugi, Coal Wyrm, Tinsel Wyrm, Bell White Elk, Chain White Elk, Arkai, Hellhound, Ebbene Shark, Elephant Snail, Antelope Hare Jackalope, Angora Jackalope, Cacao Jackalope, Snow Shoe Jackalope, Cehual Boar, Blue Crystalwing, Ruby Koi, Amethyst Koi, Green Crystalwing, Bronze Crystalwing, Ruby Capricorn, Ice Octopus, Dragon Koi, Pinto Pegasus, Golden Pearl Wyrm, Red Rose Imp, Pink Rose Imp, Yellow Rose Imp, White Rose Imp, Western Alasre Alpaca, Southern Alasre Alpaca, Delroch, Tevera Enox, Icist, Ornamental Rockhopper Penguin, Albino Nandi Bear, Ornamental Blue Penguin, Pale Arkai, Sunweaver Namista's Spider, Shadowspinner Namista's Spider, Sunset Talvar, Purple Pteira Crystalwing, Golden Pteira Crystalwing, Vosmari, Ice Kraken, Yellow Farir, Golden Farir, Orange Farir, White Aculeus, Golden Aculeus, Chocolate Xocomel, Caramel Xocomel, Donec Fish, Frigaes Reindeer, White Holly Jackalope, Black Holly Jackalope, Spotted Holly Jackalope, Calidaes Reindeer, White Cervinus Deer, Piebald Cervinus Deer, Black Cervinus Deer, Dugong, Snow Vevex Ray, Fog Vevex Ray, White Tundra Tylluan, Black Tundra Tylluan, Raiti Seal, Pekin Duckit, Chinchilla Duckit, Lop Duckit, Rex Duckit, Dutch Duckit, Mallard Duckit, Praluven Seal, Birdwing Lunestre Dragon, Direcore, Jaktus Dragon, Golden Sonerus Dragon, Bronze Sonerus Dragon, Alpine Yale, Charaen, Saevym, Silvian Serpaen, Etainian Serpaen, Arcanum Serpaen, Pine Nulorn, Mohrior, Cibeus Crab, Prasinis Wyrm, Silver Krysos, Golden Krysos, Red Krysos, Purple Krysos, Blue Krysos, Green Krysos, Fabari, Arkenian Sunbeast, Black Sarvain, Chocolate Viridis Crab, Dark Serendin, Earth Serendin, Water Serendin, Blue Pygmy Gemdragon, Blue Pygmy Crystalwing, Bronze Pygmy Gemdragon, Bronze Pygmy Crystalwing, Green Pygmy Gemdragon, Green Pygmy Crystalwing, Saerulis Pygmy Gemdragon, Saerulis Pygmy Crystalwing, Golden Pygmy Gemdragon, Golden Pygmy Crystalwing, Purple Pygmy Gemdragon, Purple Pygmy Crystalwing, Desert Rekantum, Volcanic Seahorse, Abyssal Seahorse, Silt Leviathan, Reef Leviathan, Atoll Leviathan, Tarax, Chocolate Viyasant, Wikken Cat, Vetus, Aurora Whale, Black Rose Imp, Gold Horned Narwhal, Caramel Gryphon, Swirled Winged Cat, Cariad Agaori, Rakkaus Agaori, Medeor Jackalope, Flos Jackalope, Aetus Jackalope, Kursim Jackalope, Theia Alvean Wasp, Triathe Alvean Wasp, Celestial Sea Star, Pearlen Alvean Wasp, Dust Bunny, Opaline Synaran Aericorn, Candle Ayoti, Tidal Wraithe, Flint Citellan, Oaxacan Citellan, Pandorum, White Cukurba, Golden Arkenian Goose, Giant Sylph, Nikollus, Red Rosa Dove, Pink Rosa Dove, Yellow Rosa Dove, White Rosa Dove, Cinta Agaori, Dragoste Agaori, Armastus Agaori, Cockatrice, Light Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon, Light Lapis Pygmy Crystalwing, Dark Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon, Dark Lapis Pygmy Crystalwing, Clostra Pygmy Gemdragon, Clostra Pygmy Crystalwing, Western Cyan Psittarx, Harpy Eagle Hippogryph, Tetzcotal Eagle Hippogryph, Dusk Bunny, Pastel Wugu Amagnae, Settian Drakeling, Albino Direcore, Constellation Hind, Nicori, Ornyx, Maraegian Nizari, Maraegian Stromeri, Fia Puca, Maza Iteiri, Shika Mizu, Varja Pygmy Gemdragon, Varja Pygmy Crystalwing, Akvo Pygmy Gemdragon, Akvo Pygmy Crystalwing, Teiro Pygmy Gemdragon, Teiro Pygmy Crystalwing, Buckskin Foenaran Hipponox, Grulla Foenaran Hipponox, Calidis Dragon, Spider Light, Kamitori, Sora Kamitori, Plushie Bear, Gilded Foxfire Skulk, Asesina Orcae, Ice Kitsune, Husky Simurgh, Phoenix Simurgh, Golden Pheasant Simurgh, Euphotic Dunkleosteus, Bathyal Dunkleosteus, Abyssal Dunkleosteus, Ruby Wyvern, Molten Dynastis, Berry Dynastis, Brindle Dynastis, Jinglong Pygmy Gemdragon, Jinglong Pygmy Crystalwing, Spectrum Pygmy Gemdragon, Spectrum Pygmy Crystalwing, Fluorowing Pygmy Gemdragon, Fluorowing Pygmy Crystalwing, Somni Deshkivari, Aquamarine Gemstone Kirin, Ruby Gemstone Kirin, Peridot Gemstone Kirin, Tanzanite Gemstone Kirin, Citrine Gemstone Kirin, Alexandrite Gemstone Kirin, Melligaster, Eldritch Dragon, Platyplush, Glass Phoenix, Chupareno, Nimikoolah, Arkenian Sakeira, Arkenian Serpaen, Regal Glesvaerid, Albino Wolpertinger, Fairy Rose Snail, Nachtkoningin Tulip Snail, Gebruind Tulip Snail, Cheminna, Moroi Crystalwing, Rauna Crystalwing, Hadros Pygmy Gemdragon, Hadros Pygmy Crystalwing, Kuanos Pygmy Gemdragon, Kuanos Pygmy Crystalwing, Kobaldibar Pygmy Gemdragon, Kobaldibar Pygmy Crystalwing, Sacris Pygmy Gemdragon, Sacris Pygmy Crystalwing, Bronze Alicanto, Rose Gold Alicanto, Cobalt Alicanto, White Fenrir, Garm, Seer Butterfly, Sangue Dracul, Creeper, Borean Luteus Owl.

Basically I want shop creatures, breed only creatures, quest creatures, and some event creatures.
Wishlist: Shop creatures, hybrids, donis, Aurora Whales, Dynastis, Quetzalcoatl, Rose Imps, Rosa Doves, Tinsel Wyrms, bunnies, and anything green. Breed creature are fine.
Creatures in my extra tab are free. P.M. me if you want them
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Mockingbird » December 18th, 2018, 1:35:19 pm

I enjoy all birds and I hoard Koi. Of course, any critters I don't currently have are always appreciated <3
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby MaighdeanDubh » December 18th, 2018, 3:11:30 pm

Wishlist: I will apologize if I seem picky. I am open to ANY creature, but I am mostly looking for first generations. I do not mind second generationss, but nothing longer than that please. I'd love some creatures that are exclusive to the water and herbalist shops, again second generations, but no longer than that. Maybe a couple of donation shop creatures. Thank you <3
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Wishlist: Temple Cats, Caul Vaether, Solar/Lunar Fox, White male ice dragon, Male Ember/Female Fire Drake, Female Kamar Rabbit, Black/white keep rats, Argaent & Aerum kirins, Karadis Dragons, white/black Soladis swans
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