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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby ZhaaliQuartz » May 10th, 2018, 9:46:32 am

[center]My Wishlist

Username: ZhaaliQuartz
Birthday: Oct 31



Shop: The new crystalwings from the Water and Herbalist shops
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Zoa » May 10th, 2018, 7:14:35 pm

My Wishlist

Username: Zoa
Birthday: May 2
(Earth Monkey, Taurus)

I would like...
Any Bronze Sonerus Dragon
(may become part of my Raicleach Clan)

Any Sonerus Dragon

Any Puvia
(may become part of the Rainbow Connection)

Any ape-type creatures
Calvaras Monkey
ImageImage Image

Wildfire Teropith

Adelpha & Polyura Papio

Imperator Tamarin
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Thanks to all for the wonderful gifts.
Especially MS-staff - for all 5 Krampen Beests!!!
Have a safe & happy Yuletide.

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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby WolfyWolf » May 10th, 2018, 11:26:35 pm

My Wishlist

Username: WolfyWolf
Birthday: March 25th

Specific wishes, Doni Canines:
Brown Misoc • Maniwearg • Solwearg

REALLY Specific Wishes for event sets:

Vague wishes:
Other wolfy things <3 <3
Missing sets - Anyone in there who doesn't have a M/F pair, hatchling and egg
Also things from guilds I'm not a part of (Water and Herbalist)

Otherwise, most of this is just a list for myself for completing sets. I took a few years hiatus missing roughly all 2014-2016 events (I think). I've made a lot of progress and still haven't sorted through more specifics than the above.
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Wishlist||My Shop
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby ZaraTina » May 13th, 2018, 3:10:56 pm

My Wishlist

Username: ZaraTina

I would like... a vasant beetle and a moss snail egg, unfrozen. I'm going for the hidden path quest, and I need those two since I (stupidly) froze both of the eggs I currently have. However, I do have a vosmari.
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Ferrari » May 15th, 2018, 6:29:08 am

Hi @ all!
My wishlist is short: Farirs for Ferrari please.
I have 9 presents so far...

[center]My Wishlist

Username: Ferrari


I'm selling:
user/Ferrari/For-sale / LTB Farir (500g) Herbalist shop creatures + 300 gold, PM if interested

Please DON'T click any hatchlings in my keep.
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Magics » July 22nd, 2018, 12:26:15 am

My Wishlist

Username: Magics
Birthday: September 26th

Koredanuki • Winged Cats • Yatagarasu Ravens • Corax Ravens • Ammits • Meowl Hatchlings

Borean Luteus Owls • Water Serendin • Earth Serendin • Numbul • Spirit Deer

Os Ravens • Phoenix & Husky Simurghs • Pygmy Crystalwings & Gemdragons • Mist/Telvian Ammits

Aurean Globefish, Dragon Koi

Rose Imps! (any) • Berry Dynastis

Dusk Bunnies • Magiversary Crystalwings (any) • Pygmy PhoenixesPocket SylphsGiant Sylphs • Swirled Winged Cats • Wikken Cats • Calidaes Reindeer • Puple Pteira Crystalwing • Golden Pteira Crystalwing • Prasinis Wyrm • Jackolopes (especially hatchlings)

Filigree Cat • Mountain Tylluan • Nazar Owl • Aerum Kirin • Blue/Green Mendota • Light Vanx • Dark Vanx • Thylacine • Molten Bone Dragon • Berahn • Kotez • Red Vasaeken Dragon • Azure Pazuzu • Domestic Fox Chinchilla • Wild Fox Chinchilla • Tulguc • Constella • Dusk Cinersi • Dawn Cinersi • Cascara Butterfly • Cadaceus Chameleon • Vanil Shaa • Ashen Shaa • Auroras Velox • Lonaris Dovala • Naribus

I love lineage creatures and special percentage eggs/hatchlings!
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Unfa » August 1st, 2018, 1:00:42 am

My Wishlist

Username: Unfa
Birthday: September 10th

I am a simple person. I love cats. I'd love any cat or cat-like creature. Cats are the best.
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Faleep » August 2nd, 2018, 1:35:34 am

My wishlist
Username Faleep
Birthday june 22

    Unfrozen Ammit hatchlings
    Unfrozen 1st gen hybrid ammits
    Potootoes of all kinds!
    Any critters released after the Feather drakes
    Aurora Puvia
    Rabbitsune <3

    Doni's (SB or First gen preferably)
    Black Tienko
    Calico Tienko
    Northern Light Fox
    Blue Emperor Phoenix
    Dreamcatcher Amphithere
    Voltarian Phoenix
    Masked Stoat
    Collared Stoat
    Ghost Leopard
    Filigree Cat
    Santule Marska
    Sunburst Kirin
    Lunar Eclipse Kirin
    Ethereal Lantern Goat

I also collect;
    foxes, any and all - Stream/shop born preferably, but for quest/event/doni, first and second gen ones will be loved too. - particularly looking for Red/Black foxfire Skulks.
    SB and 1st gen Swirled winged cats
    Anything space/sky themed
-I prefer things SB, but 1st and 2nd gens of retired critters will be just as loved

I love getting art, especially of my favorite critters and my OC's! Feel free to pester me about them and gift me art right now my DA is a Wip cause I'm making a new one, in the process of uploading stuff

Gold; Im always in need of gold, who isn't?
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creatures for sale in my sale tabs! Pm for prices
Selling Shards! 35k per shard! Pm me for more details

i collect/army SB Ammit hatchlings and SB Potootoes
my wishlist,
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Ardroth » August 11th, 2018, 12:06:03 am

BIRTHDAY: August 15th
See my profile for everything I collect and everything I'm missing.
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby paige201208 » August 14th, 2018, 7:27:04 am

My Wishlist

Username: Paige201208
Birthday: 8th March




I would like... to thank you for any help <3
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QS: Various Pets

To Hatchie Only Please:

To Adults are here:
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