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Ribbon the Magi (Tales of Ribbon's Adventures)

PostPosted: November 8th, 2015, 12:53:51 am
by Ribbonchan
(Will probably be updated sporadically, as I become inspired.)

Ribbon relaxed quietly at the Keep, happily scribbling down notes with a quill pen. She had no intent to go anywhere, and she liked it that way. She was very happy with her life; it was quiet, orderly, and nothing ever was out of place. Other magi had told her that adventures outside the Keep were incredible, and that rewards were everywhere. "Plus," they always told her, "you're a young Magi in the prime of life! You shouldn't sit around and let it go to waste!" However, no matter how many times they would chastise her for being reclusive, she wouldn't care, and would go right back to studying.

"Finally, that's done," she smiled, setting her quill pen back in an ink jar. "A full analysis of the herbs dwelling in the Jungle of Raza! One day I'm surely set to be famous, writing these informational papers." She looked over her writing and stood to stretch, afterwards sauntering to a window. She sighed. "Surely those other young Magi could be doing something more productive than putzing about..." She trailed off, her gaze turning to her overflowing bookshelf. "Ah, well. Let me see here, what should I write about next?" she questioned to herself, leafing through a large book. "Ooh! What about a study of the topography and climate of Arkene? Surely someone would find that fascinating."

But as Ribbon ruminated, a heavy book fell from an overweight shelf. It startled her, and she quickly looked up to see what it was. "Hmmm... I've never seen this book before... Is it even mine?" Ribbon said, raising an eyebrow. She carefully tiptoed over, picked up the dusty, heavy tome, and blew the dust off its cover. "The Creatures of the World? How peculiar," she whispered to herself. Carefully, she opened the book, and began to leaf through it, her eyes slowly widening in wonder as she looked through page after page at weird and wonderful creatures. "My goodness! And these creatures actually exist!" Ribbon exclaimed in excitement. "I know what I shall do! I shall study these wondrous creatures. And if I am this enthralled over studying and writing about them, perhaps others will be as enchanted about reading my papers!" Ribbon then danced happily back to her writing desk, opening the large book, and beginning to read.

"This shall be an exciting adventure for the mind," she said. But she didn't know of how much more of an adventure it would actually be.

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PostPosted: November 28th, 2015, 5:38:33 am
by Ribbonchan
And so Ribbon set to reading that large volume about incredible living things large and small. The more she read, the more she enjoyed it. And the more she enjoyed it, the more she longed to have a creature--a fantastic creature!--of her own. These thoughts constantly pervaded her mind, and she constantly pushed them away. "For," she always thought, "even if I could get my hands on one, what would I do with it? Surely they'd become bored with my lifestyle."

And those thoughts would work to hold off Ribbon's desire for a while. But eventually her want became too great, and one day she rushed off to the library to find a way to obtain a creature for herself. She quickly ran her hands down a great multitude of bookshelves in an attempt to find the solution to this burning problem of hers, but she couldn't find it no matter how she tried.

"Blast it!" Ribbon fiercely whispered to herself, before remembering that it was a library that she was standing in. "After all," she thought, "what would I do with one?" She then shrugged her shoulders, and began to make her way back to her room. She would never tell it to anyone for fear of them telling her "Haha! I told you you'd want to have an adventure outdoors sooner or later!" and rubbing it in her face, but she was disappointed. Disappointed at the fact that she wouldn't, in fact, have a grand adventure, and at the fact that she simply didn't know how to obtain a marvelous beast for herself. In fact, she was so clouded by disappointment that she didn't realize that she was slowly lumbering toward another young Magi.


The two young Magi collided, Ribbon knocking books out of the other one's hands. "Uh... Whoops." Ribbon mumbled bluntly, stooping to help the other pick their books up. "'S'okay," the other one replied softly. "I do that all the time. I was just about to get out of here anyway." Ribbon made a noise akin to a grunt in response, thinking only about how she was going to continue her research. "Hey, wanna come to my room and have some tea or something? If you don't mind, I'd like a bit of company."

"Oh, brother. Now someone wants me to be their company?" Ribbon thought, unsure. "Well... I guess they're being nice about it. And I like tea quite a bit."

Ribbon muttered, "Sure."

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PostPosted: January 23rd, 2016, 2:58:49 am
by Ribbonchan
So the two Magi made their way there.

Ribbon was mostly silent during the short sojourn, due to being unaccustomed to other Magi. She would never admit it to anyone, this fact that she disliked company and liked being alone. But for fear of seeming rude (and making her introversion obvious), she went along with the other young Magi anyway.

"So... um... What's... What's your name?" the other Magi asked, seemingly nervous. This struck Ribbon by surprise. Firstly because she never thought anyone would ever care to know her name, and secondly because of how shy the other Magi looked when she asked. After a period of hesitation, Ribbon responded crisply, "My name is London Longweaver. But most refer to me as Ribbon, to be perfectly honest." The other girl nodded, seemingly analyzing the name. "So you have another name too?" She paused for a moment. "Me too. I'm Hannah Mosslance. People call me Orchid. ...Or at least, some do." Ribbon made a small hum. "Nice name. Very sensible." Orchid glanced at Ribbon, somewhat puzzled. "That's... That's an interesting way to compliment someone. Oh, we're here. It's not much, but please make yourself at home."

Before she could really comprehend what Orchid had said, she saw and was awed by the comfort and sensibility of Orchid's room. She looked around, taking the sweet, warm atmosphere in, before glancing at a very plush-looking cushion. "Go ahead and sit anywhere," Orchid said, smiling. "No one sits on anything but me anyways." Ribbon didn't need to be told twice, and sat down on the soft cushion contentedly. "Do you like chamomile-mint tea? Or should I get you a plain vanilla brew?" Orchid asked. Ribbon stifled a small giggle before replying, "Oh, I don't mind. But the former option sounds delicious."

After a few minutes of silence and tea, the two set to conversation after a few failed attempts. "So, Ribbon... What exactly were you in the library for?" Orchid inquired. Ribbon froze for a second. "Sheesh," Ribbon thought wryly, "she sure does get to the core quick." After a few moments of tussling with options, she finally uttered, "Look, Orchid. I don't want you thinking I'm insane or anything, nor do I want you telling everyone in the vicinity about this." Orchid looked stunned. "W-Well," she stuttered, "if it's that private, you don't have to tell me." "No!" Ribbon blurted out. "In fact, maybe you can help me out. You see, I was in the library because I've been researching these wonderful creatures. All sorts of them, in fact. I want one for myself in order to see them and study them up close, but... I don't know how." Ribbon confessed, looking down at her feet. "That's all?" Orchid laughed. "I thought you were about to say something way out of the realm of sanity!" Ribbon stared at her, incredulous. "You mean, finding a fantastic creature for myself isn't completely and utterly absurd?" "Nope!" Orchid grinned, getting up to open a window. "You see that stream?" "Yeah... What about it?" Ribbon replied. "It's no ordinary stream, I've been told. There are all sorts of eggs floating down it, and you can take them to raise yourself. At least, that's what my friends have told me." "Incredible!" Ribbon exclaimed, giddy. "Thank you, Orchid! This is exactly what I needed! I'll go down there tomorrow morning, and... and... I'll get one!" "Hey, Ribbon..." Orchid asked, her voice becoming lower in volume. "Yeah?" Ribbon responded. "Can I come with you tomorrow? I've always wanted to get an egg from the stream but I've been too nervous. Maybe if I go with someone else, I won't be so nervous."

Ribbon, understanding Orchid's worry, didn't hesitate to say, "Sure. Meet me at 11am at the stream, okay?"

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PostPosted: November 29th, 2019, 1:03:49 am
by Ribbonchan
Good lord this thing is old and outdated. Judging by the fact it has 590 views, I assume someone liked it, but due to the fact that it's old and some of the characters are related to past happenings, I'll be remaking this story some other time, a little better, and with a bit more forethought.

Keep a lookout. This story isn't dead or over yet, it just needs a fresh start.