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Re: [LTB] Dragon Art

Postby agneskaa123 » February 14th, 2020, 2:54:28 pm


Before I even start sending links and so on, are you still looking for an art?

Have a nice day <3
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Re: [LTB] Dragon Art

Postby Tyriagris » February 17th, 2020, 4:15:51 am

IrmaWerewolf wrote:Sorry for being silent for so long, I've got a little bit busy all of the sudden.

Doing feathers on elbows your way would be actually easier for me to make, so sure, I'll change that :lol:
I don't feel that charging more for bigger model is fair, because changing scale for me is literally changing one parameter in the program I use and spending about 10-30 minutes rearranging parts on the pages to make them fit new size. Also, making it bigger is actually easier to both design and build. Problems raise from the facts that: 1) paper isn't very sturdy material, if you make it too big it can fall apart under it's own weight, but this can be solved relatively easily by using thicker paper; 2) Wing are weakpoint for dragon models, especially bigger ones, because they are relatively heavy and attached to the rest of the model by pretty small area, so they are at high risk of deforming in some way or even breaking off unless they have some additional support, like putting some wire inside them; 3) I don't have much space myself, so I'll still have to testbuild it in a smaller scale, so I won't be able to catch any potential problems related to a bigger size. If this doesn't scare you, I can make it bigger.

Also, I keep forgetting to ask, what pose for your dragon model would you like? Any ideas?

Finally, a little bits of progress: quick coloring to see if I understand color palette right (you didnt mention what color spikes should be (or I missed that somehow), so I assumed that they follow black-red-gold scheme like everything else) ~ https://sta.sh/01rhuneskfbv
And that's how the model itself looks so far. This is just a base for me to work on, so nothing fancy yet ~ https://sta.sh/0phrce2zz7t

For payment, I guess, I'm going to take an opportunity to complete my breeding pairs and ask for female Damascus Tinsel Wyrm, male Diamond Wyrm and male Kollinus. Would that work for you?

Oh listen, don't worry about taking a while! My exams hit, and they hit HARD. I finally survived my semester, so I can get back to you, haha.

I can definitely print it on sturdier paper, and I'm sure I can find a way to support the wings if there's space for wire in them! If there do happen to be any serious problems with the size, I'll give you a nudge.

As for the pose, I haven't really decided yet, but I'm torn between a typical standing pose (either facing to the side like in your sketch, or still standing like that but with his head turned to look at the viewer), a roar (again sideways or looking at the viewer), him sleeping/curled up, or some kind of preening? Honestly I'm really not sure. Whichever of these sounds most doable (and then save the other ones for possible future projects if you're not tired of him yet by that point xD).

I absolutely LOVE the sketch! The colours are perfect! The Blender model's got me flailing as well. I'm so, SO excited for this, haha.

And finally, yes, I'm more than okay with two wyrms and a Kollinus. I'll set them aside for you <3 Thank you!

agneskaa123 wrote:Hello!

Before I even start sending links and so on, are you still looking for an art?

Have a nice day <3

Hiya! I'll always be looking for it, I think. The more the better, after all!
[LTB] Art!
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