Auriene's Free MS Images

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Auriene's Free MS Images

Postby Auriene » January 2nd, 2021, 2:56:58 pm

Throughout the years, I made quite a collection of small, MS themed images - mostly seasonal windows - for my signature, avatars, 'about me' page and so on, using creatures' sprites. They were used only for this site and made solely for game purposes and for fun. Now I am changing my theme and I won't be using them anymore, but I thought that maybe someone else would like to use them or something ^_^


Image Image Image Image

So... after dusting off my old MS art folder, I am just leaving everything here. No gold or other payment needed - if you want to use something, you are free to copy the code and use the image in your profile or signature :)

(Possibly) important note: I won't be making any new images of that sort, especially since I don't have my template file for them anymore.

Winter theme:

Arkai theme:

Valentines theme:

Easter theme:

Spring theme:

Autumn theme:

Halloween theme:

Yule theme:

Deshkivari theme:

Crystalwings theme:

Moray Eel / Abaia theme:

Kirin theme:



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Re: Auriene's Free MS Images

Postby Nexosa » January 9th, 2021, 9:41:40 am

These are realy cool :D

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