LF: Human and Canine Artist (O: Donis)

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LF: Human and Canine Artist (O: Donis)

Postby RunningAir » July 9th, 2019, 4:39:06 am

I am looking for a very good artist to do an image of a human character of mine (somewhat busy design I'd say- but it has references and only a few changes to the wardrobe are needed) with their pet dog.
I'd be looking for a sitting pose, with the pup sitting on the character's lap.

I'll give some references if you would like! I need your examples, current queue, and estimated wait times so that I can be informed while choosing an artist. :3

I'm actually looking for an image that could be resized to fit into a 200px [tall] x 600 px [wide] box comfortably, with a transparent background. I'd be perfectly fine with pixel art or digital, no traditional please.

I'm offering your choice of donis from here; only the below are completely Off Limits:
Erebus, Cyrus, Dexter, and the two fox chinchillas.
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