Rules of Conduct - Merchant District subsection

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Rules of Conduct - Merchant District subsection

Postby Morgaln » August 27th, 2009, 6:03:40 pm

1. Part of the whole
All the rules of the Rules of Conduct apply

2. General Rules
  • You may bump your own threads once every 20 hours. To bump, you must use the bump button at the bottom of your thread. If that button is not showing up, you are not allowed to bump that particular thread. Making a post to bump a thread is not allowed.
  • Once a creature is offered in the MD, buying it is only allowed by posting in the respective thread. Giving it to someone who contacts you via another thread, PM, email, personal contact, telepathy or any other way is expressly forbidden!
  • If you offer a creature for sale or trade, your post needs to contain a link to the creature in question so the buyer can check all the pertinent information for that creature, like gender and generation. Since hidden tabs prevent that, it is not allowed to put creatures for sale into one of them. If you want to keep clicks from affecting your creature, you'll have to use a protected tab or hide the creature in a trade instead.
  • A sale (i. e. trade for gold or another creature or creatures) of one or more creatures has to be completed within two days after the order is placed or the auction is completed. If after 48 hours, the sale is not completed, either side in the deal is allowed to ask a mod for assistance. For orders on creatures that have yet to be bred and/or hatched, the seller must initiate the trade within 48 hours of hatching them.
  • The only people allowed to post in an MD thread are the owner(s) of the thread and customers (and obviously the moderators). If you are none of these, you are not allowed to make any post at all.
  • Any kind of chatting, criticism about prices, comments to other players or other off-topic posts are considered spam. In short, unless you want to do business, you are not allowed to post.
  • You are allowed to give a short explanation on why you want to buy a creature (e. g. a friend's birthday or as a Christmas gift). However, long stories, especially about pets that happen to look like a creature or dead family members that would have loved the sprite are forbidden and considered spam. That kind of story will result in the thread being locked immediately.
  • Blacklists are allowed under the following restrictions: A blacklist is a list of people who will not be served in your thread. A blacklist needs to be public, in order for those on it and the moderators to readily see who is not eligible for a specific thread. They need to be posted either in the thread or in your profile, with a link to it in the thread. A blacklist may not contain reasons for why someone is on the list. Blacklists never apply to auctions to prevent problems with the validity of bids.
  • For any time zone that observes Daylight Saving Time, DST is considered to be in effect for the Merchant District as well. In particular, that is true for Eastern Standard Time (EST), Central Standard Time (CST), Mountain Standard Time (MST), Pacific Standard Time (PST), Western European Time (WET), Central European Time (CET) and Eastern European Time (EET). This is true even if you are living in an area that does not observe DST.

3. Waynal
  • The Waynal is for quicksales and LTS ("looking to sell") threads
  • A quicksale is a thread selling one or more creatures on stock. A quicksale may not have its stock updated regularly; that would be a shop and needs to go into the Shop subsection. This kind of thread must state a price for each creature on stock. Both buyer and seller are bound to the price listed. The seller is allowed to change listed prices if there is no request for any of the creatures he changes the price of. The seller can list creatures he accepts in payment.
  • A quicksale operates on a "first come, first serve" basis. If there are multiple people asking for the same creature, the one who posted first takes precedence. This kind of thread may have conditions set on the sale (e. g. "only non-donors"). In that case, the first eligible person asking for the creature takes precedence. Once the order has been placed, both sides are bound to go through with it. Please note that if you edit your post after other people have already made requests in the same thread, your post will be considered to be made at the time of the last edit, to prevent people from stealing creatures from under the nose of others.
  • A buyer may ask for a creature in a sale to be put on hold for a certain amount of time. The seller may refuse this request, but if he does accept, this is considered binding for both sides. If the buyer cannot pay within the specified amount of time, the seller is allowed to sell to the next in line.
  • Asking for offers is expressly forbidden in a quicksale thread. On the same note, asking for lower prices (i. e. haggling) isn't allowed, either.

4. Kancha
  • The Kancha is for LTB ("looking to buy") threads, LTT ("looking to trade") threads and creature swaps.
  • An LTB or LTT states one or more creatures the owner is willing to buy. It is encouraged for the owner of the thread to state an approximate price in gold and/or creatures he is willing to pay, but he is not required to. Sellers are allowed to make offers in this kind of thread. Once an offer has been accepted, both sides are bound to go through with the trade.
  • Please note that threads that combine LTB and LTS have to go into the LTS section.
  • Creature swaps go into the Kiwik subforum. The specific rules for the Kiwik can be found here

5. Mercado
  • In the following, a thread in the Mercado subsection is referred to as a "shop"
  • A "shop" is defined as one of the following types of threads, or a thread that combines multiple of these features:
    - sales threads that update their stock regularly
    - threads that lend out creatures for breeding
    - streamcatching services
  • A shop is allowed to have multiple posts for the owner to detail his services in. This is an exception to the multi-post section of the Rules of Conduct.
  • A shop is required to list prices for the service(s) it provides. These prices may be changed regularly. Both buyer and seller are bound to the prices listed when an order is placed, unless both sides agree amicably to the new price.
  • Shops have to operate on a "first come, first serve" basis. If multiple people apply for a specific creature, the first one to post is the one who has to get it.
  • Once a creature is ordered, this is considered a contract. The seller has to deliver, the buyer has to accept and pay for it. Cancelling an order is not allowed by either side.

6. Zocalo
  • The Zocalo is for raffles, contests, gifting threads and anything that doesn't fit into any other section.
  • Raffles are threads that give away creatures by random chance. The tickets available in a raffle may be limited or unlimited in number. Every ticket must have the same price and the same chance of winning. A raffle has to include an ending time no longer than six month after the raffle has been started that determines when tickets can no longer be bought.
  • Contests are threads that give creatures away in a contest of skills. Contests will continue until someone wins. If a contest will have entries that need to be judged, a deadline for entering no more than six months from when the thread was started needs to be posted. Judging has to take place within one month after the deadline.
  • Gifting threads are threads in which creatures are given away for free. Any thread asking for gold or creatures in return for its service is not considered a gifting thread. Gifting threads are allowed to decide not to give a creature to a person, even if it is the first person asking for that specific creature.

7. Auction House
  • In the following, a thread in the Auction House is referred to as an "auction"
  • An "auction" is defined as a thread that allows bids and sells the creature(s) in question to the person with the highest bid.
  • The Auction House does not allow for edits; therefore make doubly sure not to make any mistakes
  • The following information is mandatory for auctions:
    - description of the creature(s) involved in the auction
    - starting bid
    - minimum increase
    - autobuy
    - ending time
    The following will detail these requirements.
  • The description of a creature must either include a link to the creature in question, or the following information:
    - species
    - gender
    - generation
    - whether it is named or not
  • The starting bid defines the minimum amount of the first bid. The lowest starting bid possible is 1 gold.
  • The minimum increase defines the minimum amount a bid must be higher than the previous bid. The lowest minimum increase possible is 1 gold
  • Autobuy defines an amount that will immediately win the auction if it is offered. An autobuy can be put in creatures, gold, or a combination of both. Several autobuy options may be given, with the first offer that uses one of these options being the winner. If creatures are accepted, the exact name of the creature(s) must be given to prevent confusion; shortcuts and abbreviations are not allowed and will make that autobuy option invalid. The autobuy may be set as "none", which means there will not be an option to autobuy.
  • Ending time must include the following information, which must be written down in the post:
    - day the auction ends
    - hour and minute the auction ends
    - timezone of that information
    It is also allowed to give ending time information as a span of time, given either in hours or days. That span of time has to start at the time the post has been made (e. g. 24hours from now, 3 days from now). In this case, timezone information is not necessary.
    Please note that "forum time," "magistream time" or anything similar is not an acceptable ending time. You have to provide an actual timezone.
  • The following information is optional for every auction; if it is given, it is binding for that auction but it may be left out:
    - maximum increase
    - creatures accepted
    The following will detail these options.
  • The maximum increase defines the maximum amount a bid may be higher than the previous bid. The lowest possible maximum increase is 1 gold.
  • A list of creatures accepted in bids can be given. If this is done, each creature must be listed with full species name to prevent confusion. Any creature not given its full name is an invalid bid. The seller must give an amount in gold that each creature he accepts is worth in a bid; that amount may be different for different species of creatures. This list also applies to autobuy.
  • Any creature auctioned off must already be in the possession of the seller at the time the auction is started.
  • One thread may only contain one auction. If you want to auction more than one creature, they either must be offered in a single auction or in multiple auction threads.
  • Each bid in an auction must be higher than the previous bid by at least the minimum increase and at most by the maximum increase (if any). Any bid not fulfilling this requirement is invalid and has to be ignored.
  • A bid has to be given in gold and/or creatures accepted by the seller. A bid cannot have conditions set on it. Examples for conditions are "if it hatches a certain gender" or "if I don't have one by the time this ends", but are not limited to these.
  • It is not allowed to withdraw a valid bid. Once it has been made, you are required to stand by your bid.
  • Bidding just to increase the price of an auctioned creature is considered scamming and forbidden. Bidding on an auction by the seller itself is always considered this kind of bid.
  • An auction ends either when the end time has been reached or when autobuy is used, whichever comes first. Any bids after that have to be ignored. An auction may not be ended earlier.
  • Magistream time (the time given for each post) is used to determine whether the end time has been reached. The winning bid is the last post that lists the end time. For example, if the end time is 9:00, the last post listing 9:00 contains the winning bid. The first post listing 9:01 will be the first invalid bid.
  • For auctions that have 1 gold as both minimum and maximum (so-called 1g-auctions), single skipped bids that aren't corrected within a few posts will be ignored when determining validity for subsequent bids; that means, even if a bid was skipped during that kind of auction, the following bids are still valid and will be used to determine the winner.
  • An auction and the winning bid are both mandatory and form a contract. The seller may not withhold the creature and the highest bidder must pay for it.

8. Daycare
  • In the following, a thread in the daycare is referred to as a "daycare"
  • A "daycare" is defined as a thread that provides sitting service for eggs and/or hatchlings. For purpose of these rules, a thread asking for sitting service is considered a "daycare" as well.
  • The "eggspam" section of the main Rules of conduct are in full effect for daycares. It is allowed to post the codes of creatures, but not links to these creatures, whether embedding an image or not. This goes for both the owner of the thread and for customers.

9. Violations
  • If the owner of a thread commits an infraction, the thread in question will be locked in most cases. A warning may or may not be issued depending on the severity of the infraction
  • If a customer commits an infraction, the post in question is subject to editing or deleting. A warning may or may not be issued depending on the severity of the infraction.
  • If a creature was sold to the wrong person, the trade has to be undone. If that is not possible, both sides involved will receive a warning!
  • Repeated violations of these rules are punishable by revoking of Merchant District privileges. That means you will no longer be able to create new topics or reply to posts in the Merchant District or any of its subforums. This punishment can be temporary or permanent, as we see fit.
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