Phobias.. we all have one.

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Re: Phobias.. we all have one.

Postby Nuitari » September 28th, 2019, 3:50:29 pm

Well... one of the phobies I have is something saddly no one in my family manages to relate to and I'm pretty anoyed when they smile about it only because I personally don't find it funny or cute...

Well the thing is as I found out it's name years later is: Ancraophobia, also called sometimes anemophobia, I knew it under the later name. It is a fear from the wind and I have no clue why I have it as my mind just loves reminding me of traumatic childhood events like bullying, mental breakdown at 8 when I lost the only family member (my grandfather) who actually spent time with me and understood me as everyone dotted on my new little sister... It is an annyoing fear, at least one of my friends who is afraid of crossing bridges which stand above water understands me. I was accomanying her home one night and we crossed the bridge leading to where her doorm was in record time. Me due to the wind and her because of the bridge we had to cross.

My other fear developed thanks to me being actually a pretty sickly child all the way till I entered the 8th grade in short Nosocomephobia. I had the worst people treat me at times, wakind up with three after a surgery and seeing a bright light and shining red all around is not fun. At least I don't have anything against blood, but my other experiences were not better. Also if you are a sick kid who had to be hospitalised in the city nearly a two hours drive away from your home village don't expect to see your parents there every day for several hours because there is a few months old fussy baby that needs attention. Did I mention that it turned out that I got even overdosed on the medications at 3? Another doctor noted it by a check up that I got to swallow more pills then it would have been healthy for an adult, some even had hormons in them. Great job.

So the above phobia become appearent that I avoided entering hospitals after my sicly years, even if my family visited someone I stayed in the park beside the building, but one day one of my friend's injured her hand and it needed to be stiched and I accompanied her. Let's just say that I went with her everywhere except when she got the stiches as the place needed to be sterile, nearly ended up in treatment myself. I was by the end actually pretty chill as all feelings wanished and I felt like I was floating.... my frind on the other had was freaking out as she was not able to feel my pulse or see me breath. (it was summer so I wore a top and neither she nor the nurse or doctor saw my chest move even an inch)
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