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Rules of Conduct - Family Center Subsection

Postby Morgaln » May 16th, 2010, 2:31:20 pm

1. Part of the whole
All the rules of the Rules of Conduct apply

2. Posting of creatures
It is permitted to post clickable links to progenitor pairs. Likewise, if the thread is selling or gifting offspring of lineages, available offspring may be posted as clickable links.

3. Selling
It is allowed to sell or gift lineage offspring. For this kind of thread, the following rules from the Merchant District subsection apply:
  • Bumping is allowed once per calender day. The mods will use EST to determine when one day ends and another begins, with midnight as the dividing line. A bump has to be a post with nothing but the word "bump" or "update" in it.
  • Once a creature is offered, buying it is only allowed by posting in the respective thread. Giving it to someone who contacts you via another thread, PM, email, personal contact, telepathy or any other way is expressly forbidden!
  • A sale (i. e. trade for gold or another creature or creatures) of one or more creatures has to be completed within two days after the order is placed or the auction is completed. If after 48 hours, the sale is not completed, either side in the deal is allowed to ask a mod for assistance. For orders on creatures that have yet to be bred and/or hatched, the seller must initiate the trade within 48 hours of hatching them.
  • A shop is allowed to have multiple posts for the owner to detail his services in. This is an exception to the multi-post section of the Rules of Conduct.
  • A shop is required to list prices for the service(s) it provides. These prices may be changed regularly. Both buyer and seller are bound to the prices listed when an order is placed, unless both sides agree amicably to the new price.
  • Once a creature is ordered and the order has been accepted, this is considered a contract. The seller has to deliver, the buyer has to accept and pay for it. Cancelling an order is not allowed by either side.

To make this clear: since families usually have a personal relevance to the person creating them, the "first come, first serve" rule is not in effect for this kind of thread.

4. Chatting
Chatting is allowed in family threads, even if they are gifting or selling offspring.
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