The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Update!

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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby lemonissourUwU » March 19th, 2020, 4:31:20 am

hi yes im uh. looking for an rp partner? uh. yes
a little about me:

what im looking for:

how i rp:

so if you wanna rp with me just shoot me a PM or something. yeah.
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby DrBeansMD » July 10th, 2020, 1:07:15 pm


Well, its been about three years since I've posted a request here, so I guess its time to revamp and renew it, with updated interests and prompts and such.

Lets start with the basics:

What do I expect from you?
Simple, I just want a reply from you, a paragraph or more (more is always better), once a week or so. I really like my partners to be literate in the English language, so I don't have to spend excessive amounts of time trying to decipher what you're trying to tell me. I really like my partners to communicate with me too, so if you don't like what I'm doing or you've got a grand idea, I want to hear it!

What do I like in an RP?
Well, I like to play male characters, though I am capable of playing female characters as well. I'm not fantastic at romance, but I'm willing to make an attempt as long as there's something else in the story that'll keep my interest too. I enjoy both fandom RP's and world building, though I have found that the latter can be more time-consuming and frustrating than I would like; I'll add a list of fandoms below. Fantasy is far and above my favorite genre to write, but I can do others as well.

So what fandoms DO I like?
Among the fandoms I love the most are The Elder Scrolls (not just Skyrim, all of it), anything written by JRR Tolkien, Star Trek (TNG and TOS/TOSAU are my favorites), Sherlock, Dragon Age, and probably a whole host of others I'm forgetting. Feel free to message me and ask about anything not listed, it might be one I'm completely blanking on at the moment. The one thing I can for sure tell you I won't do is anime of any kind. I've just never been able to get into the culture or the style behind it. Lately though I have been wanting to do an RP centered around the world of Magistream itself, and the concept of magi living in a keep with their companion animals. So if this is something you'd like to do, definitely drop me a message and we can talk.

So... what about plot ideas?
I've got a couple of options here. The first is a slough of pairings with suggested prompts, where roles I would prefer to fill myself are marked by an asterisk. The second are a series of starter posts that I had written for other RP's that didn't pan out or were ultimately rejected by other partners, though I would still like to do them.

List of Prompts

Pre-made Starters

So that's about it. I hope you'll launch me a message if you've found something interesting, or if you have questions that need answered. Its been a long time since I've role-played on this site, but I'm definitely excited to start writing again.
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Thank you for the gifts, everyone!
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby loveseac » February 20th, 2021, 1:51:17 pm

I have been in RP since 2012, then had a huge hiatus from 2017 until now and here we go again - I feel very lonely nowadays and need someone to RP with. I also try to write stories sometimes and they also lead me to an understanding I need someone to have some small acts sometimes. I was mostly playing with one and the same person for all the five years, so I may be stubborn at some points.

What I expect from you:

What you can expect from me:

I will do:

I will not do:

Hope to find my partner soon!
Good luck for everyone reading this.

Example of my writing (not RP, just example!) :
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby Aneira » June 18th, 2021, 12:46:33 am


This is a partner search, but quite specific. I'm currently interested in exploring a dystopian-society. This is pretty heavily influenced by the game Deathgarden and has some similar aspects to the Hunger Games, but I'm trying to create something that branches off from those two a bit. With that said, you don't have to have any knowledge of either title! The world I've had in mind isn't entirely fleshed out, and I absolutely welcome suggestions. I'd love the opportunity to collaborate in world building with a partner to create something new and unique. So if you're not only interested in creating new characters and plots, but also world building, please shoot me a DM!

Here's a bit about me:

What I expect:

Here's a summary of what I have so far plot-wise! I do have more suggestions and ideas for both, but I figured I'd start with something a bit shorter to see if anyone's interested in the first place. Please shoot me a DM if you're interested!

Thank you to everyone that gifted!!

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