The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Update!

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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby hypnoPlatypus » January 3rd, 2014, 4:57:59 pm

Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to this site, and I decided to first look for a 1x1 partner to get used to how this site works. I might not be very active because I often forget to check on this site, but if I don't reply to the RP in, say, a few days, feel free to PM me and yell at remind me.

Basically, I'm looking for a romance RP, because my usual partner (on another site called DragonCave, so you may or may not know of it) has abandoned our 1x1. I'm fine with love triangles, squares, or even polyhedrons (however the heck that might work). As for genre, I'm fine with any. Supernatural, medieval, steampunk, anything.

Alterniatively, if you're a Homestuck: 1. I hope you see what I did there. 2. I would be very happy to have a Homestuck RP with you, as I have two fantrolls I'd like to try out. Preferably I'd like to have an all-troll session because humans are boring, but if you want humans then I don't mind. Either way, I'd like to keep the number of total characters an even number.

Found a partner!
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby Dauntless » January 3rd, 2014, 11:02:01 pm


Things I like to do;
Angels and/or Demons ♥
Supernatural Academy
Hunger Games
Divergent ♥
Science Fiction ♥
Dystopian Society ♥
A Dream plot line ♥

If it has a heart beside it, it means I would really like to do it. :wave:

Things I will NOT do;
Warrior Cats
Animal roleplays
Anime (Never.)
High School
Most Romances
Modern Day Society
Alice in Wonderland (I love it, but hate to roleplay it.)
Depressed characters/ asylum

What I expect;
Be active; post at least once a day.
Semi-Lit; post at least a paragraph.
Characters; Start with at least two.
Be my friend; I like friends, do you? :t-hugs:

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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby MinervaClay » January 4th, 2014, 1:56:00 am

>> I post according to what is necessary. On forums like this, generally several paragraphs. If we retire to something live-time like a chat or messenger, I do enjoy moving conversation along and just exchanging necessary dialogue and basic interactions--because you don't have to flail around like a mime trying to fill out actions while you're sipping coffee and asking someone how their day is. Scenario determines post size.

>> I don't care how big your post is, as much as the amount of effort put into it.

>> My cast is incredibly varied in personality, class type, etc.

>> I generally can get on for at least a little while on any given day.

>> What happens, happens; my character's preferences are rarely my personal preferences or beliefs. I'll never get offended at something done in-character and expect the same. That means anything from a wide range of personal, political, sexual or any other preferences and approaches to life will show through in my character.

>> I never aim for romance. It may happen. I don't push for it. Callow romances bore me and I design personality types that make it difficult to have love at first sight as a potential. If a relationship happens, it's something dedicated and built on, natural.

>> I love plot. Plotplotplot. My ten year GMing streak may be passed, but I'm more than willing to work out a cooperative story, as long as we don't set so much in stone that there's no mystery on what might happen.

Genres I like:
Mild Sci-Fi (more shadowrun and less star trek)
Pinches of comedy; I want it to be fun

Things I definitely do:
Spirits (angels, demons, gods, ghosts, whatev)
New worlds
Psychology elements
Canon THEMES (Persona, Slayers)

Things I definitely don't do:
Instant romance
Direct smut
Mega-chimeras ("I'm half angel/demon/vampire/neko" "But... that's two." "Shhh")

Things I might do:
Slave (MIGHT, because some people focus on the smut aspect and I prefer the actual turmoil)

I don't make new characters anymore, but I have a pretty laundry list including--

The Moon, Anthropomorphic snow leopard cleric, lawful good
The Perfect, Senile enormous crippled wyrm cleric, lawful good
The Diabloist, Crossbreed sorceress, chaotic good
The Serpentmaster, Force Avatar of destruction--lawful neutral or lawful evil depending on your interpretation of either; abides by a purpose
The Serpent General, servant of Serpentmaster-- Neutral Evil
The Principle of Pain, dark general, abomination-- makes Chaotic Evil look good
The Accountant, slavekeeper-- Neutral Evil
The Messenger, the vagrant-- Chaotic Neutral
The Huntress, the recluse -- True Neutral
The Satyr, the philosopher, the mentor-- Lawful Neutral
Lost, the slave, variant of the Wraith, AU -- Neutral Good

Wraith, human by day and vigilante by night-- neutral good
Ash, modern variant of the satyr, an old bar dweller-- Lawful Neutral
Luci/Coyote, modern variant of the messenger, a paparazzi magnet-- Chaotic Neutral
Ferous, modern variant of the Huntress, lawyer and scientist-- True Neutral

Wraith 2280, variant of the Wraith, more antihero streak-- mostly neutral good still.

Any era, or Feral-Fantasy:

Auroch, the son of the great kings, wolf -- Chaotic. Just that. Good at heart, but incapable of controlling oneself and capable of true evil.

...There may be a few I'm forgetting. Talk to me, I can detail out plenty of ideas.

PM me if interested or better, catch me on Skype: MinervaClay
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby Devolution » January 5th, 2014, 12:49:56 am

Looking For A 1x1 Partner

Hello. Devolution here! I’m looking for a 1x1 partner. I’m a Semi-lit poster (posts consisting of one to three good-sized paragraphs, with good grammar and spelling). I post in third person. Most of my characters are males, but I can do females if I need too. I tend to play older males 20-37 in age. But I am able to play younger as well. I would prefer a person who can post the same length as I can, if not longer than me. And someone who posts in third person.

Current Status Of Activity: I can only be on during the weekends. School is currently a priority over Magistream. Finals are a few weeks away and I need what studying I can get. I make an effort to get on and reply when I can though.

Example Post:

So here’s what I can do and what I’m looking for:

What I Will Do:

What I’m Comfortable With:

Things I’m Ok At / Would Like To Try:

What I Won’t Do:

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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby Allienna » January 5th, 2014, 1:00:01 am

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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby ComanderSalmon » January 12th, 2014, 1:12:32 am

Hello all i am currently looking for a 1x1 partner. This is what i whould like, ideas, and stuff i will not do.
Type of Rp
I really like romantic situation (Yes im a guy don't judge) mixed with superpowers or monsters so what i want to do.
~Monster college.
~Superhero college.
~Some sort of mystery romance like a guy is giving the girls he likes letters.
~Or if you have an idea then im all ears

What i wont do is stuff like vampires only or werewolves only its just boring.

Footnote:I want someone who can post once a day and has minimum of three lines... (But if you have 2 paragraphs it gets quite annoying...)

Thanks bye

Got a partner
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby UmbraFear » January 18th, 2014, 12:09:32 am

★Looking for a few 1x1 Partners!★
☆Must be slightly insane!☆

What you can expect from me:

What I expect from you:

What I will roleplay:

What I will not RP:

PM me if interested! :wave:
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby umbreon241 » January 18th, 2014, 9:43:52 pm

My last post was on page 19, so I'm just going to make another. ^_^
I've found a partner!

Busy with school but you can find ways to contact me on my profile if you need to reach me. ^_^

Feel free to call me Umbry! :bounce:
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Aneira » January 19th, 2014, 7:20:31 pm


❄ About Me ❄

- I would prefer my partners to be 18+. Not necessarily because of RP content, but simply because it's the age group I'd prefer to collaborate with.

❄ What I Expect ❄

❄ What I Like ❄
Note: Cross out means I currently have no interest in RPing that subject.
Bold means I'm very interested in RPing that subject.

❄ What I Won't RP ❄

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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby Kaylie » January 22nd, 2014, 12:20:37 am

*Not currently looking for a partner*

What I expect:

What I like to RP:

What I do not like to RP:

What you can expect from me:
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