Two new bigger features: The Elements and Crafting

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Two new bigger features: The Elements and Crafting

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On June 5th 2023 Crafting was released.
  • The crafting feature can be accessed within the Inventory: click on the new tab labelled "Crafting".
  • In the crafting page you will see recipes with information on what ingredients to combine and what the combination produces.
  • If you do not have the required ingredients you cannot craft the recipe. If the end result of the recipe is an egg, you cannot craft the recipe if you are egglocked. Similarly if the end result is an item, you cannot craft the recipe if you already have the maximum amount (255) of that item.
  • In order to get ingredients for the recipes you need to interact with the site. Currently ingredients can sometimes be randomly gotten when clicking on a specific creature (eggs, hatchlings, adults, frozen, unfrozen, in normal tabs and in protected tabs all count) or visiting that creature's bestiary page.

On May 24th 2023 The Elements were released.

In short: Each creature has one or two elements that they are affiliated with. Each user can also attune to one element by completing a quest. If a creature's and the user's elements are the same, this grants certain benefits with e.g. gaining gold from clicking, and increasing growth rate of the creature.

A dedicated thread for the Elements with more detailed info: ... ments.html