Scheduled downtime: March 7th - March 8th - OVER

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Scheduled downtime: March 7th - March 8th - OVER

Postby Rosehill » March 7th, 2023, 7:07:13 am

Due to recent major increase in site dysfunctionality we're taking the site down for maintenance on a speedy schedule. The site will go down for maintenance on March 7th around 10AM EST/Magistream time. The downtime will most likely take at least a few hours, and may last as long as until March 8th.

The downtime is now OVER, and hopefully the site is now again a bit more stable. There's going to be at least one big downtime still, where we majorly update and upgrade things behind the scenes. The time of this will be announced once we know when the downtime is going to be.
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